A Midlife Crisis Should Not Be Wasted

by Nov 5, 2020

Moment of time

The midlife crisis of man has changed drastically in the last few decades. In talking with Jerry and Scott (of Rolling Rock Radio), we talked about midlife crises and how they have changed. This part of the conversation has been rolling around in my skull since then. 

A man would hit his midlife crisis, go out and buy a sports car. Maybe go party a bit more. Divorce was a possibility but not the first thing to come to mind. Having a younger mistress on the side for a trice for a time would be more likely. All things frowned upon, yet society accepted them in a warped way. 

Most of the midlife crisis stuff would be for a time. With most men realizing it was not for them in the end. Part of this was things at the nuclear family level were better to an extent. Yes, it depends on which lens you are looking through at the time. Compared to now and the generations of fatherless and broken homes compounding issues that we now have. 

Home Life

Homelife all together was stronger, being able to make a decent living out of one income. Going back even further, everyone had a job, depression-era was a challenge for many. I remember my grandparents talking about that time. Men did what they needed to so the family could survive; it was not easy; it just was. 

One era didn’t have time for a crisis; life was a crisis of survival. As life became more comfortable and more disposable income was available., this opened up leisure time for many men. Life centered around the home. Though, men had lost some of their excitement from when younger and wanted to chase after it. 

Nowadays, more homes seem to be a wreck for a multitude of reasons. Men struggle with their wives to make ends meet, often with divorce on the horizon, or the flip side has so much disposable income, with no good management skills, that they are wasting it on frivolous things, and divorce is still on the horizon. 


In the past, men looked around, and went life is boring. What can I do to make it exciting? Now men look around at life, no matter what aspect they are looking at, and realize how much their life sucks. They may try a new car or ditch the wife for something younger, partying like a rockstar and, along the way, burn every bridge behind them. Till they realize they are a pile of shit.

When they have hit this point of realizing their life is a pile of shit or starting to become one quickly. Instead of buying that new car, they are instead looking at how to pry their head out of their ass to let the shit out and start making themselves a better man. 

The midlife crisis of man of the twenty-first century is to look at his fat obese self in the mirror, realizing that his gluttony is killing him in all sorts of ways. That his mind filled with unrealistic garbage, and his spirit crushed under social engineering. Failing and failed marriages and that for the ones not trapped in their parent’s basements. With shoulders stooped from debt. 


Men by the thousands are rebuilding themselves. They are not letting their past traumas hold them back. They are searching for answers to fix themselves. Unlike twenty years ago, you now have the information at your fingers tips. You only need to search it out. 

Quick hint this blog is full of articles on how to better yourself, along with articles, lists of books, other blogs and websites, podcasts, and other resources to get you on your path to improvement. You can even reach out for one on one consulting

You have the power to change, to become a better man. You should use the crisis as a springboard to become the best version of yourself. The only thing holding you back is taking action. 


It starts with reading, and once you get the itch, you will consume everything in sight. You will most likely be angry on several different levels. That is a good thing. It will help drive you forward through the early days of struggle. 

Next, the realization that you need to rebuild your body into that of a man. Not any man, for there are many soft men corrupted by civilization. You need to become a physical force to be reckoned with by any force that comes at you. You must become a barbarian. Internalize the barbarian mindset. Become a barbarian who can live within civilizations’ rules yet still step out of the gilded cage. 

When the body comes into line, the mind clears, and what you have been devouring in your reading start to make sense. You start to internalize this information, and it becomes part of you. You are taking what was needed discarding the fluff and the anger. 

Not an ending

Use this springboard of change to start a new life. Not only for yourself, as you change those around, but you will also see it and change with you for the better or fall behind, which then you need to cut them loose. Either way, it is a path of improvement to stay on. 

When you change and make yourself a better man, women will want to be around you. You will often want you again. You will show the way for your sons and daughters an example of how a father should be. 

Unlike in the past, a midlife crisis was usually only for a time. Now it is a point of reference when you decided to change because what society says is normal. You know it not to be. 

Become a Barbarian.

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