A New Job Getting Back To Me

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A New Job

Well, I did it. I violated Twitter guru rules to becoming a successful man with a lasting legacy. I have betrayed the ranks of men on the council of empire builders. I have thrown reputation and credibility to the wind and given up my place at the big boys’ table. What did I do? I went and got a job. It is a seasonal farm job, but a job nonetheless.

In the world that I have landed myself in, real men should be self-sufficient in income. We should be writing books. We should be affiliate marketing. We should be creating our brands and followings. We should be sleeping with our women 1500 times per day, drinking 7000 raw eggs. Deadlifting 14000 pounds while taking selfies of ourselves with a cool black and white filter.

I have done all of these things and more, and honestly, I am pretty tired of it. I am tired of trying to, not so much be something that I am not, but attempt to fit into a form that I do not quite fit into; the truth is, I have never fit into any form. For as long as I can remember, I have always been unique, eclectic even. I feel like I have abandoned that part of me in a drive for some form of success.

So, I started a new job this past Friday. It is a seasonal farm job, as I mentioned before. Many of you know that I am a hobby beekeeper. I will now be a professional beekeeper, at least until the middle of August.

Finding Workers

Where my son works at, is one of the largest commercial bee companies in the country. Amid this new pandemic of people being too lazy to work, his employer is short-staffed with honey harvest coming soon. Actually, by the time you read this, we will be three days into the honey harvest.

I was offered a job, he wants me full time, but I will be homeschooling my children come August and will have to be at home, but I did decide to work the summer. Monday through Friday, 7 am to 4 pm. Yep, I went back to a Monday through Friday job, and this is where I have violated the rules.

I thought about this long and hard. I have immensely enjoyed working for myself. Taking mid-morning naps if I decide to. Working as much or as little as I want. There is absolutely something freeing about being in control of your own income and, ultimately, your financial destiny.

Safety Net

At the same time, there is comfort in the safety net of a steady paycheck. For me personally, I took this job for two reasons. One, the owners are really good people, and I have been complaining about people not being willing to work. So, someone that would give someone the shirt off of their back needs help and could not find any; I decided to go help out.

The second reason, I have some needs around the farm that require more money than I currently have. What better way to make extra money for extra projects than to take an extra job. Makes sense to me anyway.

But I should not need to feel like I’m hiding things from people that I consider my friends, and for a little while, I have been keeping it quiet because I knew I would be judged. Again, this is so out of character for me; I used to not care. This realization has led me to the eye-opening epiphany that I have lost a part of me somewhere in the past year.


I think it is time to rediscover this part of me. Rediscover is the wrong word because I do not feel like I lost myself. I feel like I just put that person in a closet and locked them there. It is time for no more. You know life should not be about impressing people, so how did I get there?

Honestly, I wonder how many people are all that they say they are on Twitter.

How much is accurate, and how much are for looks to gain followers. I can count on one hand how many people I truly believe or know personally are what they say they are.

Rat Race

This is not a bash on anyone that is in the circle that does not make any claims. This actually is not a bash on anyone. Like I have said in other articles, do what you got to do to make a living. Me? I will be making an effort going forward not to leave the wrong impression on anyone as to who I am.

I guess what I am trying to say to all of you is this. Do not fall into the rat race that I fell into; Do not give up anything about you that is unique to you. If you are a Star Wars nerd or a gamer, embrace it. If you like knitting sweaters or sewing your own clothes. Go for it. Who cares what the manosphere thinks of you? As for me? I am going to go dress up in Viking attire and sword fight a tree for strength training.

Be yourself and the hell with the rest of them. Do you and what brings fulfillment and joy to your own life. You answer to no one but yourself and one day God. Live life accordingly. If your friends do not like it, they are not your friends.


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  1. Padre, you’re one of the people I truly love to follow on Twitter. You are just so real. Abs principled. Great piece. Keep farming, keep up being you. You have a fan in Florida.

    • Oops. Wrong email.

    • That means a lot to me. I reatly appreciate the support and encouragement.


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