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Somewhere along the way, man let his guard down, and he becomes weak. This has happened in empires throughout history, and even the greatest of men had been subjected to defeat.

The knowledge of fatherhood.

It becomes an effortless task to point out mistakes of the past and explain why it happened without considering some fundamental causes. It is unfortunate, but there have been many times when men have witnessed the destruction of civilizations throughout history, because of war, degeneration, and chaos. What has been often overlooked in today’s world is the devastation attributed to the breakdown of the family.

If we possess courage, why would we not pass this down to our son? If we live with honor for our mission, how do these values disintegrate within a few generations?

If I work hard and go through difficult times to achieve just a taste of greatness, will my offspring inevitably become weaker? Do the benefits of my hard work have a possibility to diminish the character of my child?

If we raised our sons to be better than us as did the generation before, should we not keep progressing with continued advancements in masculine traits? Or have we allowed these advancements to make us weak? Do we pass this moral responsibility down to our kids to avoid the truth?

What we fear is our freedom.

Throughout history, we have seen tyrants, dictators, and those who follow them blindly destroy empires. Man’s desire for acceptance now controls him through commonality, and this false belief has taken priority over their value systems.

We exist today because men have gone through hard times. I am grateful for the sacrifices these brave men endured so future generations could build families and communities under the principles of freedom. We stop honoring them by living in fear.

I am not talking about being afraid of those more powerful. I am speaking about the fear of taking back control of our own lives. Why have we been so easily drawn away from our values?

We fear liberty more than we fear persecution.

If we do not dare to stand on our own two feet, we will inevitably allow those who hold power over us to control the direction of our culture. We will claim to be a patriot but are devoted to following inconsistent and irresponsible leadership, and never take a firm stance on the founding principles that created this great nation.

If we have the freedom to choose, this will place blame on the shoulders of the individual. To be truly free is to accept and feed into the frustration of personal failure. Unless a man desires to make something of himself, he can never really be free.

These ideas have always been the agenda of political parties, religious cults, and the so-called enlightened. To make a boy feel inferior at a young age and have his father be the leading force in applying this pressure to crush his soul.

The real deception is not all the lies, wars, imprisonments, taxes, inflation, or all the other ways society treats men as indisposable. It is that we implement the conditioning of these ideas in our own homes. How can we expect to raise sons who are strong and masculine men when we are continually degrading their self-worth?

The problem with inconsistency.

I have a big problem gnawing at the back of my consciousness. I don’t understand how we passively and obediently give a large percent of our income to politicians who tell us nothing but lies and break every promise. Still, we so easily take our anger and frustration out on our kids because they fail to listen to fit into this box that we so desperately need to leave.

If we raised our sons to be better than us, as did the generations before, should we not keep progressing with continued advancements for a more free society? Or have we allowed these advancements to make us somehow weak?

Do we pass this moral responsibility down to our kids to avoid the truth? The truth that we weren’t consistent and have ignored our responsibility in what it means to create a stable home environment.

To be a good father is now about finding balance and having control of your self. It is not just physical power, financial success, or intellectual advantage that will pass on your legacy. Great and powerful men have been down this road before us, but we always digress back into this cycle of collapse for some reason.

To continually grow and improve, we need to face our weaknesses and continue to hold ourselves accountable. If there is a generational cycle that continues to bring us down, it must be solved.

If we could treat children better, the world would follow.

Solving problems requires dedication, commitment, and persistence. It also involves fathers, to be honest about their mission. I see a strong correlation between how we negatively treat our children and the destruction in the world.

The burning conviction we have for the younger generations is a clear sign of the inner struggle we fear to face and have failed to conquer. The display of this frustration and the everlasting memories that things were better in the past will be enough to get the blood in our veins boiling.

It is the weak who respond to the devastation of the misguided. Those who fight for virtue and freedom should never waste time on things they cannot control. If we can see the youth as a way to a more peaceful and prosperous future, we can again get back to the roots of being a strong father.

Take away our fatherly duty, and most men’s lives would look puny and meaningless. This is seen everywhere in society as the vast majority of people continually diminish a father’s purpose without any remorse for the importance of the proper raising of children.

Protection comes from truth.

A huge part of being a father is creating a solid foundation that will stand the test of time with your value system. If we preach freedom, are we affording those same principles in our homes or just to fit our false narrative?

Do we allow our child to be frustrated with the freedom we give them, or do we impose our will to protect their failures? If we are constantly applying pressure for what we feel is vital, aren’t we really protecting ourselves?

Masculine values can only be improved from the past if the standards we have for men are elevated. One of the most significant factors in being a father is being a protector.

We continue to live in a time where the abuse of children is justified. If we are not protecting our children, then this becomes the first attack on our masculinity. There are always external threats, but the most destructive attacks on our children come from us.

We want to prepare our children for the world. We never want them to feel that life never gives them enough. By building their value as an individual, we help in stopping the quest for an external cause.

They will run the fastest and the furthest when they run from themselves.

Our kids can be lifted off the endless treadmill that will never lead to fulfillment.

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