A Perspective Of Resilience In The Face Of Adversity

by Feb 1, 2021


Every man has a moment he stumbles and often falls. That next moment is what truly defines a man. Over time a man’s resilience is challenged in the face of adversity. Will he get back up again, turning the failure, no matter how big or small, into a learning lesson.

When only a babe, you don’t think anything about getting back up. In learning to crawl and then to walk, instinct takes over with some added coaxing from your parents; you “just do it’. As you get older, you learn there are consequences to your failures, often with pain involved. 

Working through the pain is something each man needs in his life. What a man does with the knowledge learned from pain and the will to bounce back will often define and shape your life as you move into adulthood. 


Life is continuously full of experiences, from casual outings to times of chaos. There are times when you face these moments alone, forcing you to come up with a solution. Other times you are guided through by one who has walked the path before.

Each experience becomes a building block in the foundation of your life creating greater resilience. Building a strong foundation help to weather storms of chaos that you will encounter. 

First aid is an excellent example of building upon knowledge. When you are younger, a simple scrape can quickly be taken care of by some disinfectant and bandaid. Taking classes in first aid and learning what to do in an emergency of greater magnitude than a simple cut. Prepares you for when a moment of chaos strikes. 

The resilience of instinct, knowledge, muscle memory will see you through. By taking charge, you can turn chaos into calm. Then often afterward, you can have your moment of wow. Working through what just happened, the key is you were a rock when you needed to be for others or even for yourself. 

Fall Correctly

Learning to fall sounds a bit backward in the scheme of things; who wants to fall. However, there are times when inevitable. You will fall, and knowing how to do it correctly will help lessen the impact making it easier to get back up again. 

In wrestling and martial arts, part of your skillset is learning how to fall with your opponent—often turning the momentum into taking control of the situation. Practice helps you take control, putting in the reps till one day it becomes instinctual. Your resilience to the falls allows you to continue and not succumb to the fall.

You can apply this principle to other parts of your life. Relationships, finances, learning a new skill will all have moments of failure. Learning to recognize early that you are falling (failure), you will catch yourself quickly and make a course correction to either lesson the fall or stop yourself from hitting the ground. 

No Fear

Watching a child with no fear, who takes risks, is a joy to watch, there is a resilience about them; this is something that we lose as age and experience come into play. Often you become overly cautious in your activities. You may not have bounced back from the last situation that took you down. 

When you don’t bounce back, a spiraling effect can happen, causing you to sink lower and lower. It often takes an outside person or situation from the norm to kick you out of the spiral. Having a good friend that can hold you accountable will help in this endeavor. 

To have the “No Fear” attitude as you age. Taking the knowledge you have learned through the years, adding “No Fear” back into your mantra. What things can you accomplish? How fast will spring back? Going into something knowing that failure is a possibility and knowing you will use the failure as a learning experience to become more outstanding. 


Take time in your life to look at what you have bounced back from or where you have not bounced back up. How have different moments in your life had an impact on building up your resilience? How can you look at your wins and apply them to challenging parts of your life?

A bit of self-reflection in how you have overcome adversities, built up your skill sets, learned knowledge over time is a superpower that is often left unused. Add it back into your arsenal and start using it to conquer every part of your life. 

Observe, read about, and seek out those on the path you wish to go down. Take inspiration from the mindsets you see to reinforce yours. Most importantly, take action, don’t cry in your cup, get up and get going. 

Written by Nathan
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