A Return to Barbarism

by Feb 6, 2020

Depression is a state of mind and the direct result of your environment. 

“But wait Jayson, this is supposed to be a write-up about Barbarism! I clicked on this because Barbarism!!!”

You’re right, and I’ll get to that.

Over 300,000,000 people worldwide suffer from depression, and that’s a large part of the population. But that’s not the sad part – the sad part is that the majority of them have no idea why. The reason why so many people are depressed is because they are suffering wrong. We are supposed to suffer, supposed to feel pain, supposed to experience hardships; furthermore, we are also supposed to seek them out. Do we do that anymore? Most of us do not. Why is that?

Because we no longer have to.

Everything is handed to us on a silver platter, sometimes literally. We no longer need to hunt for our food, we no longer need to forage and grow our own crops. We no longer need to prepare for the harsh winters by making furs from our kills and building protective shelters to shield us from the elements. We no longer fight, neither for pleasure nor for survival. We no longer need nor want for anything, because everything is provided.

We have grocery stores stocked with processed food full of preservatives and ingredients Scandinavian prodigies can’t pronounce. We have vehicles for transportation and even people to transport us when we can’t drive or don’t feel like driving. We have restaurants stocked with cooks and servers to bring food directly to us. We have television for entertainment. We even have a government that will cut us checks because we decided jobs are just too inconvenient.

This is your “civilization;” and it’s poison.

This is where depression comes from, and I will take this one step further: if you do not have a purpose in life, if you do not have ambition, if you do not shun the poisonous setbacks that our current society has provided to and forced upon you, you will be miserable, alone, unhealthy and pathetic.

I draw your attention back to my opening statement: depression is a state of mind and the direct result of your environment. What is your state of mind? Are you comfortable and remiss to chase greatness, or are you so ambitious that nothing can stand in your path?

Do you spend your days sitting on your ass, watching TV, eating Cheetos and donuts on a comfortable couch in a cozy apartment or are you out in the wilderness hunting your meals and tending your crops?

Is this you?

The Primal Fire is something I started to bring awareness to the fact that all of us have a fire inside, a fire that stems from something ancient, something primordial, something primal. Our very souls are burning with a raging desire to fight, to hunt, to accomplish, to conquer. A civilized society cannot fuel the fire that burns inside of the would-be modern day nomad. One cannot expect to find true happiness and contentment surrounded by comfort and consuming processed garbage, both in food and entertainment form. One cannot build unbreakable resilience and fortitude without seeking and facing head-on true pain, true suffering and true hardships from which civilization shields them.

Many of you cannot just give up where you are and what you are doing to live off-grid, shun society and become a modern day caveman, and I am not advocating that you try, but I do want to help you get into the proper mindset so that you can crush mediocrity and build and maintain the physicality and mental outlook it takes to become and remain barbaric in a civilized world. Here are 5 things to begin immediately:

  1. Get up early, every day. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t sleep well, it doesn’t matter if it’s your day off, get the hell up. Barbarians rise with the sun or before it. Don’t touch your phone, either do something to get moving or read for 30 minutes, or both. Could be 30 push-ups and a quick devotional, whatever resonates with you, but in a few weeks, you will feel like a new person.
  2. Take cold showers. Hot springs were few and far between back in the day, and while you have access to hot water, it doesn’t mean it’s beneficial. Barbarians jump into lakes to bathe, year round. Cold showers help boost immunity and they ensure that your ass is awake, alert and ready to face the day.
  3. Lift weights. I’m not going to go into programming because that requires a write-up of its own, but if you’ve never lifted before, get on a beginner’s weightlifting program and get after it. Barbarians are strong, and lifting weights eliminates 90% of your life’s issues and tells you everything you need to know about yourself.
  4. Learn to defend yourself, because Barbarians are fighters. Find a martial art you enjoy and do that. Everyone believes their martial art is best and most effective but it all depends on you and the instructor. BJJ has been heralded as the second coming by everyone who practices it but BJJ practitioners get their asses handed to them all the time on the street. I personally enjoy Filipino martial arts because they were designed for war, and you cannot put a price tag on that. Find an art that works for you, your body type and your way of thinking and get to training it as if your life depended on it, because one day it damn well might.
  5. Eat foods that had parents, that grow on trees and that you dig up from the ground, aka meats, vegetables and fruits. Eat the ones you enjoy. Don’t force yourself to eat healthy foods that taste bad to you, because there are plenty of healthy foods that are delicious. Barbarians ate what they killed and what they sowed and reaped. If you really want to get into the barbaric top 1%, take up hunting, fishing and gardening.

Do not allow civilization’s hand-outs and machinas to keep you in a swirling vortex of depression, unhealthiness and physical weakness. True barbarism is the chasing of purpose, the facing of hardships and the embracing of discomfort.

“Barbarianism is the natural state of mankind. Civilization is unnatural. It is the whim of circumstance. And barbarianism must ultimately triumph.”

–Robert E. Howard

–Jayson the Argonaut

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