A Self-inflated Ego Leaves You Disillusioned About Your Importance

by Feb 17, 2021


There have been some significant changes going on in our country for the past month. A new president, a new congress, and with them, a new way of doing things in our country, America is known for its peaceful transitions of power; we often change from one form of governing to another, and it has worked throughout our history.

It seems that those things are changing, and it began under the Obama administration. We have seen a wild swing to the left of the political aisle, and then when Trump came to power, a drastic swing to the right. Now with Biden, there goes the pendulum again.

The pendulum seems to be gaining more and more momentum with each swing over the past two decades. This swing has led to one thing, the knowledge that what once was may never be again. Gone seems to be the days of the middle of the road; let’s work together politics where families could come together and still get along while not agreeing on everything.


I see it on social media, and I see it in real life. The past four years have family members being disowned because they voted for Trump, now family members are being disowned because they voted for Biden. It seems as if there is an agenda to split apart our families.

I know I am not the only one who sees this agenda over the years, but now, when America has turned politics into football and the party’s fans are as diehard loyal as ever. This development has struck me as asinine and is conditioning the people to accept whatever extreme form of government will eventually win in the end.

But believe it, or not this is not a political article; this is an article to bring awareness to something. To bring awareness to the fact that we have lost our American spirit. We have lost our desire to be self-reliant. We have lost our sense of adventure, discovery, invention, and self-sustainability.

Gilded Cage

It is safer now to have that home in the suburbs or that apartment in the city. We have every convenience at our fingertips. What do we trade for this wonderful life? We trade our spirit. We work at jobs we hate; we close ourselves off from our mother nature and our father creator.

We have to plant parks in the middle of concrete jungles so that we can lie to ourselves about getting outdoors and getting healthy. Because a couple of trees magically make the air in that area cleaner, right? Maybe we take day trips into the countryside and hike a trail for half a day.

And why do we have to do this? It is because our mother calls us home. So, we visit. Sunday afternoon brunch at mom’s house is shameful in my not so humble opinion. How many of you can identify what is edible in the woods or in the parks you walk in?


I am not trying to shame you but bring awareness to your lack of awareness of the natural world. The world that humans clawed our way out of with chest puffed out and trumpeted our success at taming the wild. We did not tame it; we subdued it temporarily. Abandon your house for just a year and see what happens to it. In ten years, you probably will not even know there is a house there; nature reclaims it.

That is the problem with humanity; we have a self-inflated ego about our species’ importance and how the earth needs us, how the population needs government, how you need your job. I lost my job last March, and my boss actually said to me, “I know you need this job, but we do not believe you are a fit here anymore.” Since then, I have not worked a 9-5, and I did not need that job, again, the inflated ego of self-worth on his part.

Last week I wrote about how unimportant we all actually are in the grand scheme of things and how we should accept that. I have not changed my mind this week. You are still not as important as you think you are, and neither am I.


We are important to our spouses and our kids, but that is pretty much it. Your boss can replace you. Walmart doesn’t care if you ever come back, which blows Karen’s self-worth out of the water. The earth could care less about the plot of land you inhabit, and the solar system could care less what planet you are on. The universe could care less if you exist.

Oh, and Joe Biden could care less happy you are, and honestly, neither could Trump.

All that leaves you with is your family. The thing they are tearing you away from, the thing they are ripping apart. Do you not see that they want you to be completely worthless? That is the end game, the end goal.

So, my friends, grab hold of the one thing that deems you important, your family. Set aside differences, make a plan. Strengthen your bond with your kids and your spouse. Plant a garden and raise some animals; that way, you can provide for them when others are reliant on a collapsing system. Time is getting short for you to wake up and see the truth that is so plainly in front of your face.

It is time to sink or swim, and you better know how to tread water. A flood is coming.


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