An Evening Lunting -03

by Jan 22, 2020

            Good evening everyone, grab your favorite pipe and favorite tobacco and join me for another lunting adventure. So much has happened since we went for our last walk and with the warm gulf coast air blowing in and a thunderstorm rumbling on the horizon this seems like a perfect time to go lunting. Let me get my velvet tobacco packed into my Missouri Meerschaum Country Gentleman and we will begin. Some people may feel that these luntings are made up, but I assure you they are not. This is my time for reflection, to take in, not only my personal life, but the world around me.

            You see, from the first flame entering the bowl until the last puff of smoke I allow myself to get lost in my own mind. This is when I let down my walls and release my stresses, nothing in this moment matter but me, my thoughts, and keeping the pipe lit. Today is no different from any other, even the flame from the lighter brings a thought into my head, the first one this evening is security. Let me take a puff and I’ll explain.

            Without fire, man would be nothing, we would still be wondering the forests looking for roots and berries and scavenging dead carcasses. Fire has brought us from our primal ways to where we are today. Man has used fire for thousands upon thousands of years to cook, to build, to forge, and for safety. You all know this already, so where am I going, well other than down the road a bit, I’m trying to take you mentally into yourself. This flame that has lit my pipe can be used to destroy and create, and at times both. When I lit my lighter, I began destroying dried tobacco leaves, while creating this experience that I am sharing with you.

            We men are fire. We can use ourselves to destroy or create, and there seems like a lot more destroying going on these days. Man, this tobacco is fine. If you never have, I recommend trying the tried and true classics, carter hall, prince albert, velvet; the tobacco’s that will be here long after the others are gone. What was I saying? Oh yes, fire. Men are fire. A wise man will use his flame to forge. He will forge his business empire, or his home empire, I forged a farm. Most importantly we forge our legacy. Our sons and daughters, our wives, our family name is created with a deep-seated conviction. A conviction of knowing that we are forging the future generations of our blood. What we forge will be the only memory the world will have of us. Even great men such as Charlemagne or Cesar are only known now, by what they forged.

            As I stand here admiring the fields in front of me, I take notice of the smoke rising and turning, it dances, and twists on the winds and then it is gone. It’s amazing how something as simple as the smoke from my pipe can represent something so profound. It represents our lives. As we rise from our cradles to face and conquer what is ahead of us, we often find ourselves turning to and fro, doing circles, trying to figure out this thing called life. There are time of celebration and dancing, and there are times of twisting and anguish. Did you read my last article? (A Time for Everything) There is a time for everything as it is ordained by God. And just like the smoke rising into the air, suddenly we are gone. James 4:14 says” Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.”

            Strange isn’t it? We have all these plans and dreams, but nothing we accomplish is worth two cents when the equalizer comes for us. And this is the necessity that is our legacy, it is why we forge our tribes and empires. We take today for granted, conveniently forgetting that tomorrow may not come. Conveniently forgetting that like the smoke in the wind, we too shall fade away.

            Turning down my driveway as the storm grows nearer and the lightning flashes with the smell of rain in the air, I can’t help but stop for a moment of silence, just me and my pipe. It’s a moment of peace in an unpeaceful world. A moment of rest, in a relentless life. A moment of clarity in a lifetime of pondering. I and my pipe are one, the smoke my incense to God, and the path I walk, a guide through the wilderness. There’s something to be said for a good evening lunting. Something that’s missed by the rest of the world. A man needs time for his thoughts, and time for a good smoke. Goodbye for now, for I am at the bottom of my bowl, and next time you go for a lunting, remember to watch the smoke.  


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