Barbarian Rhetoric Recap of 28 Extraordinary Writers

by Jan 3, 2021


In 2020 Barbarian Rhetoric grew from a few thoughts to a voice for men. Many subjects are touched on and expounded on, of course, have the big five health, wealth, relationships, success, and peace of mind. Along with the big five, masculinity, leadership, spiritual, and the big one, fatherhood is discussed in length. 

As a huge thank you to writers this past year, I want to talk a bit about these great men. Some only have written for Barbarian Rhetoric others have an essay here or there, with quite a few having their own blogs. Click on their names to see their writings. 

The Recap

Padre (aka Joseph Smith) 

By my count, fifty articles this past year, which is impressive for if you have not written before you, you may not understand how many hours went into such an endeavor. Another fun fact, he had the first and last article of 2020.


This man’s humor continually cracks me up. He can be serious when he needs to be, but what fun is being serious all the time. Knowledgeable in many things, always with a helping hand. 

Charles Sledge

Whenever I feel like it might be time to throw in the towel, I wander over to and become inspired once again. Charles has written some fantastic pieces for Barbarian Rhetoric. I genuinely am not sure how he continues to put out such great information on his site—writing nonstop since 2016.

Matt FreeMatt

 At first, I think many don’t get who Matt is, and then you continue to read his works (and I get to chat with him regularly). Like a light bulb coming on. His words click, and you are like (oh, that’s where he is coming from). He has been writing since 2016 also at fremattpodcast

Charles Franklin

Charles, who is always working on a challenge, is an inspiration to many. I think he may hold a record for doing challenges in a year. He stopped by with an article earlier in the year. 


A lover of men’s history and masculinity through the ages, he showcased men who went above and beyond in their lives, why they are still remembered to this day. Leaving behind a legacy that few even dream about, he also writes other thoughts at  The Strong Male.


A young man with a good view of the world around him absorbs and learns from those he has surrounded himself with, then taking that knowledge and putting action into play. 

J. M. Shoemaker

When he is not crushing it in the gym, he is diving into rabbit holes of thought. He is a walking powerhouse, not a stranger to trials and tribulations. He continues to show strength to those around him. Careful he may spark something in you that will become a raging fire. 

Jayson the Argonaut

Everyone needs a crazy friend. Jayson is the right amount crazy mixed with one of the kindest hearts I have come to know. I am always excited to see what he has written next. With his wordsmithing, he drives points home in a way that you have to reread to make sure you didn’t miss something. 


Give an engineer an open forum and watch out; you may see a book come at you. The thing is, Scott has a way with words that doesn’t let you realize that you read a short novel. His short life has a long list of subject matter to tap into and teach you about; hold on to your seat. 


A man on a mission to help fathers be better. He is showing them differently, if not better, ways to raise both their sons and daughters. A bit of his savage side comes out in the Barbarian Rhetoric articles. To dig into some of his other thoughts, you can check his website out Peaceful Fathers.

Michael Kane

A learned man with a love of wrestling, bringing a mix of interesting and knowledge to those around him. 

Veljko Mijovic Uskovic

Certain things transcend borders and are universal when it comes to being a man. Veljko exemplifies this in his writings. On Barbarian Rhetoric, he talks about building your tribe. On his website, The Wolf With A Keyboard, he dives deep into many subjects relating to men. 

The Divorce Warrior

Divorce sucks; you should not go into marriage thinking about it. The reality is many men are faced with it. After going through his own, the Divorce Warrior has set out to help prepare men looking at or going through divorce themselves. You can check him out at The Divorce Warrior.


If his essay is not 2500 words plus, I think he thinks he failed himself. The thing is, reading these shorts, books are packed full of information to help you next-level your skills—craftsman in many things, his love or learning on shows forth. You can check out his many works at This Is Graeme.

Alexander Reich

Alexander runs Selfconquering, diving into masculinity and mindset for men. He touches on other subjects, tho at the end of the day, everything leads back to you being a better man, a better version of yourself.

Scott Ortlip

A young man met through IG, and I am glad he reached out that day. It’s good to be questioned. Scott is full of questions on the journey he is taking. More men need to learn to question everything in life. As he finds answers to his questions, I know he will gladly share and work to help those he comes in contact with within the days to come. 

David F. A.

A young Christian man finding out how challenging the world truly is to a man of faith. I have watched him grow by leaps and bounds this past year. I know more exciting things are to come.

Joel Blanton

A man that has removed the word quit from his vocabulary. Barbarian, Savage, Beast, Babysilver back, pick one, and they all describe the drive this man has for living life to the fullest.


He might be short, but he is still a giant among men. Some days are hard to keep track of what he has going on with so many irons in the fire, between The Family Alpha and Fraternity of Excellence keeping him busy with online ventures and always making sure he is there for his family. Zac has a zest for crushing everything in life. 

Michael Cooper

He may be upside down (being an Aussie) that does not stop this man from diving into the rabbit holes of knowledge and finding gems along the way. His depth of knowledge is something to behold. I think much is missed in the words he writes, and I truly enjoy our conversations where we can touch on nuance.

Craig James

Mastering the balance of faith, family, and work is a challenge most men can find daunting. Craig takes this challenge head-on. Between his endeavors with Masculine by Design and the Fraternity of Excellence, he is always on the go with his family. We all have our ups and downs. Craig shares both and how to overcome the down and enjoy the ups. 

Discerning Owl

Quiet depth of knowledge is an apt description. Sometimes one needs to be silent and listen. To be introspective and honest with yourself is no easy task. Start listening to Discerning Owl, and you will find you will start looking inward. Beyond Barbarian Rhetoric, you can see his works at The Discerning Owl.

Manhood Reborn

Ethan got one article in this year; this is just a start of his writings; as he cleans out his life, I am looking forward to what he has to say in 2021. 

Cody Carter

Hard knocks, check

Family man, check

Man of faith, check

Attacking life, check 

Cody is checking off the boxes and enjoying life, finding his stride in helping others. Another young man I am looking to see more from in 2021.


Padre classified as the younger pestering (I am mean this in a good light) brother. JimeeGee is the older brother that is nearby with a ready boot to the ass if needed. Surround yourself with good men, and your life will be better for it. 

Jerry Armentrout

Jerry and I have the same problem, put us in a position where we can talk, and we are good to go. Podcast fits us both well, ask us to write these grand thoughts down, and it’s like a kindergarten with a crayon learning to write letters for the first time. Precise and to the point, each piece, Jerry does get a touch longer; he will be writing books by the end of 2021. 

Jon Elordi

Meeting Jon earlier in 2020, my one thought from then till now is this man is starting to find his stride in this life. I am looking forward to what he brings to the table in the days ahead. You can check out his thoughts at Jon Elordi.

In Closing

These twenty-eight men all brought views, thoughts, knowledge to the table. Often the same subjects, yet from different viewpoints and these different views, can help us grow and be more robust. I thank each one of them for contributing to Barbarian Rhetoric. 

More greatness is on the way. 

Written by Nathan
Twitter @steeljanz
IG @barbarianrhetoric


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