Bards Corner 023

by Apr 10, 2020

May this Friday be Good for you. No matter the circumstances and or what you believe. Enjoy and be thankful what you do have. Let go of the concerns of the world and let the mind relax. Think Primal thoughts of all you truly need is shelter and food. That you family is taken care of. Make it a joyous time for no other reason that to be alive. The gears of history will continue one way or the other, the only influence of change that most of have is ourselves. Everyone else will follow or get out the way as you are being the leader.


The Sanctuary Series by Robert J. Crane is a fun sword and sorcery series that throws a gaming mindset into the story. The first book of 10 starts with Defender, for those that still game or have given it up long a go. This is a fun adventure.


Cleaning up some bookmarks and came across this old article from BESTLIFE
40 Things to Let Go of in Your 40s You don’t even have to be 40 to start cleaning things up.
How To Categorize People In Your Life – Joelsuf
We often can’t answer who is the most important in our life.
I am not the only man this week talking about drawing a line in the sand
Freedom to Assembly: Even When Inconvenient – Matt
The Family Contract – A Father’s Journey
Even in the midst of of crazy work things out.
A good story to put a smile on you face
Inadvertent Hot-Tubbing With Hot Stewardesses: A Tale – Neovictorian


When feeling a bit unmotivated to lift pull up a IG like Barbaric Lifter


The Barbarian Horde is fighting the Virus armies, destroying them all.

Whether you prefer the splash of sea salt in Hannibal, the earthy forest tones of Olaf, or the royal decadence of Caesar, Iā€™ve got you covered. Head to  and start bathing like a barbarian.ā€

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