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by Apr 17, 2020

The new normal is something many fight kicking and screaming. This normal is neither bad or good it just is. Over time things change. I had conversation about a decade ago with a very good friend on interest rates. We debated back and forth on why I thought savings accounts for long term were a determent. In course of this conversation come to find out that our disconnect was with the fact he was thinking in terms of what his parents interest rates were compared to ours now. The rise and fall of them over time. My point in return; him and I never knew anything but low interest rates to begin with. Which made it our normal. Another easy debate in the area of normal is technology, my normal and my sons normal is separated by three decades. Thirty years of tech change happened slow for me. To him tech is a normal part of life. More change is happening some of it shall become normal, my thought is we should still fight against the idiocracy and the assault on commonsense.


I picked up Darkness Rising: Disciples of the Horned One Volume One by James E Wisher, this past week. It was a fun little read with a story that moved along well. Jumps in the story line fit and you did not feel like you missed a thing. Sometimes life just happens and why write about the boring part.


The Logos and The Dao |A Stoic’s Perspective on Daoism(Taoism) – The Wolf with a Keyboard.
Solid points to why balance it key and with life become unbalanced is what slips and falls.
Digital Consumption Dilemma – Birth of Clarity
Another solid reminder to take a break from the digital world that we live in.
You a person that can break the cycle of the past.
Ancestral Fire – Sun Archer
Never stared into a fire? Take some time and enjoy.
Kid Craft of the Week: Battery Made From Quarters – AOM
Now this looks like some fun.


Their Mission: to equip America’s returning veterans with the tools they need to start a business or pursue career education.

Give them a look over they are doing some great things for our Veterans.


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