Bards Corner 028

by May 15, 2020

This month is half over, in a couple weeks we will be looking at the sixth month of the year, half way through 2020. Where are you at with your plans for the year? Did they change drastically with the world trying out the alt world of idiocracy. Did you realign what needed to be done and made a change still for the better. If you can’t answer yes then what have you been doing this year? I am consider myself lucky, why do you ask, well I am only 6 weeks into my year, you see last year my year began in July, I got six month lead on everyone else’s start date. Yet when April rolled around and it was my birthday, it got me thinking. My year is going to start on April 5th from now on. What is so special about January 1, absolutely nothing that what. Create your own time frame and work with in it, you will accomplish more.


We here so much on what to do before-during-after divorce and yes this is important, I often talk about it myself. Chris D along with his wife, talk about how to make your marriage stronger and one to last eternity. Check his book out, get started.


How can I use Zoom for teaching online during the lockdown but make it more interactive? – This is Graeme
The title says it all
Testosterone Replacement Therapy 101 – The Strong Male
This not just another article, it highlights Gil who runs  Elevate Men’s Clinic and is available for telemedicine
Intent to Silence – A Fathers’s Journey
I shouldn’t laugh, yet TW Beckett has such a way with words that by time I was done reading this I was both laughing and cheering on the inside. The crazies that are in this world. oofta
How To Fight Evil – Charles Sledge
People always seem to forget a coin has 3 sides. Many things come in 3’s.
Virtue come from three things.


Check out handcrafted_by_pfeil_llc who makes some beautiful rings out of silver coins and bullion, along with cufflinks, cuffs and pendants. One of these rings is on my current wish list to have for my own.


Adventures were sent out and they have brought back mounds of treasure, that has been sorted, stacked and ready to get out to all the Barbaric Men & their Ladies.

Now till the 24th 15% discount store wide at check out.

The Horde still awaits you and along with that we have: 3 new chests for the Ladies
1 New pack for the coffee lovers. 22 new scents  in total to enjoy.  Head over to  and start bathing like a barbarian.”


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