Bard’s Corner 048

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The Bard is one who brings tales in the form of stories, poetry, and song. Dating back to a time when learning was of a primal nature. Today we have the written word along with both the visual and audio mediums once again.


Refined Savagery – Charles Sledge (One of the best definitions of savagery I have ever read)

The Last of A Dying Breed – FreeMatt Podcast
The Powerful Impact of a Man that Knows His Destiny – Men of Grit
Make Raccoons Great Again– Didact
Review: The Devil’s Dictum by Frederick Gero Heimbach – Neovictorian
A Letter To My Younger Self – A Fathers Journey
Questions & Answers About Sin – Primitive Christianity
The Seasons Change – The Compass and Rudder
3 Quick Lessons on Leadership – Lon Writes
Making Them Chase You | Tips on Confident Social Interaction – The Wolf With A Keyboard


A good friend of mine Graeme Smith helped me connect with Damon Witten. We had a great conversation that will be coming out on the BR Podcast. One of the things we talked about was his book “So, You’re Gonna Be Attacked In Three Months: How to Throw A Man Through A Car”

Which from what I have seen so far breaks all the rules on what you think of normally for a fitness book to get you rolling. Dig into the story of why and how to get strong.


Barbarian Rhetoric – Nathan
Rolling Rocks Radio – Scott and Jerry
Hooks & Runs – Eric & Craig
Deep Leadership – Jon S Rennie
Logocentrifugal – Chance Lunceford
SOF Bad Monkey 
Play It Again with Mike and Ginger 
Western Resistance – Charlie Delto
The Family Alpha Podcast – Zac Small


Strongman, Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Karate, yoga, and that is only in spare time. Meet Mike Polnik, a Father and a Man on a mission. I had the chance to sit down with him and have a great conversation on the BR Podcast, check it out HERE.

Ever pull a truck? Mike has



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  1. Thanks for the mention as always. Was checking out the 1o relationship books post, saw a couple never read/heard of and will be checking out. Thanks for keeping this resource going.

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