Bard’s Corner 049

by Oct 9, 2020

The Bard is one who brings tales in the form of stories, poetry, and song. Dating back to a time when learning was of a primal nature. Today we have the written word along with both the visual and audio mediums once again.


Creating A Masculine Culture – Charles Sledge
Times Like These – A Fathers Journey
Fun Idea: Only Friends, the site for guys to make money – FreeMatt Podcast
An Easy Way to Improve Your Ability to Lead and Influence – Men of Grit
Radical = Fundamental– Didact
Signal to Noise – The Compass and Rudder
Who Shall I Vote For? Here’s 1 Awful Political Party You Should Avoid – Graeme Smith
A Sense of Belonging – Jon S Rennie
Christianity and the Dom/sub Life – Texas Dom
A Need For Better Fathers – Peaceful Fathers


I don’t remember the last time I picked up a sword & sorcery book, which grabbed my attention that I could not put it down. Battle Mage by Peter Flannery is an exceptional read in this genre. There is nothing special about character creation. What is special is the story that surrounds them. There is joy, and there is suffering—enough magic to you out of this world with keeping things within realistic abilities.

There is no god mode. Men and women are working together. The dynamic of leadership taught, shown, and explored is amazing throughout the book from the very start till the last page.


Barbarian Rhetoric – Nathan
Rolling Rocks Radio – Scott and Jerry ( I am the latest episode)
Hooks & Runs – Eric & Craig
Deep Leadership – Jon S Rennie
Logocentrifugal – Chance Lunceford 
Play It Again with Mike and Ginger 
Western Resistance – Charlie Delto


In the last Bard IG highlight, I mention Mike Polnik which I did a podcast with (here)

This past week he tagged with another IG Be Humble Gym which the bio caught my attention.

-Be Humble Gym is only for athletes with all disabilities mental and physical. They saved my life now I’m going to change theirs –

A couple of tough-looking men that look like they are on a mission, I am looking to hear more about this story as it unfolds.



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