Bard’s Corner 061

by Jan 8, 2021

The Bard is one who brings tales in the form of stories, poetry, and song. Dating back to a time when learning was of a primal nature. Today we have the written word along with both the visual and audio mediums once again.


The Strength & Danger Of Love Charles Sledge
Dick FreeMatt’s Guide To Education and LoansFree Matt
A Look at the Fierce Strength of Jesus in HardshipMen Of Grit
How to be a better parent than your parents were.TFA
Love LiesA Father’s Journey
Why Insecurity Kills RelationshipsAdam Lane Smith
Seek out your Sacred PurposeDidact Mind
The Frogs Will Boil ThemselvesInternational Man
33 Rules for FreedomSelfConquering
A Time to BuildPeaceful Fathers


Barbarian Rhetoric Nathan
Rolling Rocks Radio Scott and Jerry
Hard Men Eric Conn
Deep Leadership Jon S Rennie
Logocentrifugal Chance Luncefor
Play It AgainMike and Ginger
The Family AlphaZac
The Arsenal PodcastDavid F. A.
Taking TerritoryMark Murdock

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