by Jul 2, 2019

Everyday millions of people leave their place of work. They spend countless hours in rush hour traffic. They come home to their spouses, children or maybe just their pets. They wash off the stress from the day with a nice shower. Then eat dinner and spend time winding down before they must do it all over again tomorrow.  This could describe ninety percent of the U.S. population.

Then there are the people that make the choice to head to their local bar instead of heading home. They really are people from white collar jobs to blue collar. They are your everyday alcoholics.  Even some are highly functioning alcoholics. Most people refer to them as bar flies. I personally have a different name for them. I like to call them lost souls. These lost souls have no more purpose in life. They drift through life rudderless. 

What are they hiding from? What are they trying to forget? There is never a simple answer to these questions. They may be hiding from the responsibilities of life. They may be trying to forget the tragedies from their past. The thing is we all have problems and we all have things within our past the difference is how we deal with these trials. There are way too many people that don’t know how to deal with life, so they turn to the bottle. I’ve been there, drinking every night because I want to have fun. I thought that if I could drink enough that I would forget that my life was complete shit. Weirdly enough every time I wake up my problems would be there staring me in the eyes. Usually the problems became worse by drinking. There is nowhere to run there is nowhere to hide. 

These lost souls are not bad people. They’re just miserable. Instead of facing the fact that they are putting every personal relationship on the line. They find the company of other miserable people comforting. Knowing they are not the only people suffering on the inside is in itself intoxicating. Looking to the bartender or other patrons of the old salon as the daily therapist to help fix their problems. You think the other person inside that bar is going to give you the uncomfortable truths you need? Hell no, they are going to give you the run of the mill comforting lie. The truth is you need to take a good long look at yourself. Now ask the hard questions. The answers are not going to slap you in the face in five minutes. This process is long and hard. I am currently walking the path of transforming my life for the better. 

Break the shackles that alcohol has had on your life. Doing the hard things in life are the only thing that will give your life meaning.  Living your life one drink at a time is a waste of a good life. Find the power within yourself to change for the better. Go out and get after it my friend.



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