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Last month I talked about General Fitness (Here), and for about ninety percent of people, this is good enough and will get you to an acceptable level to enjoy life and fit your schedule. Then you have people who want to lean in a specific direction for a bit more guidance in how they work out. Then you have the ten percent that want to go to the extreme. 

If you want to look good naked more than likely, you should be looking at bodybuilding. How far you take it to the extreme is up to you. The thing is, you don’t become a mass monster overnight. Most people, when they think of bodybuilding, think of Mr. Olympia or Arnold. These are men and women who have taken it to the extreme and are in the one percent or less. 

For the rest, there are different levels, and you can decide how far you want to push the envelope. Like anything, it comes down to hard work and discipline. You don’t have to be a mass monster, and you can be a natural bodybuilder or a little bit in between. That is the great thing about bodybuilding; it’s working to shape your body to look good.


Mr. Olymipa 

There are now several divisions that fall under this title. Not all of them are bodybuilding mass monsters. 


Starting at the top with mass monsters that many of us enjoy. For the most part, the Olympia is the standard, and coming in a close second is the Arnold. You can search either and see men who have done great things in sculpting their bodies. They have gone to the extreme and made what they enjoy not only a lifestyle but a career. 

Starting in 1965, it has changed over the years to what judges have wanted from the winner. As there have been advancements and new knowledge learned, so has the sport changed. 

Mamdouh Elssbiay
Big Ramy
Current Champ

Classic Physique

A newer division starting in 2016, these men are not so much mass monsters than more body sculptures. For many, this division falls in line with what could be attainable if enough hard work is put in to make it happen. Would you be good enough to step on stage. Well, that’s going the extra mile; coming close, though, will garner you the looks you are after. 

Chris Bumstead
Current Classic Physique Champ

212 Division

Started in 2012, the best way I can describe these men are mini-mass monster. Not quite up to bodybuilding size yet. Good stepping stone along the way or for the men whose genetics will either not let them look good or grow into the size they need. I could be off here; however, I feel this sums this division up. 

Shaun Clarida
Current 212 Champ

Men’s Physique

Started in 2012, the best way to describe these guys is the beach bums. I say that because they wear board shorts, and the only part of the physique that really matters is from the waist up.  

Brandon Hendrickson
Current Physique Champ

Take away

What you have to understand is non of these divisions are easy to get into; every man that steps on stage or working to step on stage has put hundreds and thousands of hours in the gym and the kitchen—having strict schedules and diets. They indeed are all at the top of the game. 

What about you?

Where do you fit into this? You have no desire to compete? You only want to look good naked. I listed out the top guys because you should be looking at what you would like to attain. Have a goal post set that you can get to pass then if you want. 

I know you have a job, family, a life, bodybuilding is not your life, and it does not have to be, but that does not mean you can’t figure out how to incorporate this type of fitness into your workout. Start working in this direction—getting inspiration and ideas from those who have already gone down the path. 

We will be talking about other paths in the fitness realm in coming articles. Bodybuilding is only one of the paths that can take you past general fitness. 


Performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) do you have to take them? Nope, you sure don’t. You can bodybuild completely natural. Many do. Now, will you walk onto the pro stage without them? The answer here is no unless it’s a natural competition. 

You don’t want to do any PEDs for X reason. Understandable, especially because if you live in the United States, they are illegal. 

Not taking PEDs does not mean you can’t make gains and have a great-looking body. You need to temper expectations of what you want to achieve and set the goal post accordingly. 

I have talked about it before and strongly suggest getting your hormones checked out by a doctor specializing in them. Beyond muscle growth getting hormones to optimal levels has far-reaching benefits on the mental side of your wellbeing. 


Will you become strong as a bodybuilder? The short answer is yes. The longer answer is who are you comparing yourself to? In this era, the bar is so low in the strength department it is not hard to get into the top ten percent of the strong and good-looking men. 

If you take a powerlifting or strongman approach, yes, you will get stronger faster. In many ways, there is a crossover from these paths to help build your foundation. What you need to realize going down this path is sculpting your body becomes the priority over strength. 

The best part is you don’t necessarily have to lift heavy to look good. Even though, as your journey continues, the weights will go up because you will need to cause more damage to the muscle so you can continue to grow—a benefit for many who have beat-up bodies from years of hard work and play. 

Till next time

Hopefully, I have given you some food for thought on your fitness journey. Next month I will be talking about powerlifting. Stay tuned. 

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