The BR Podcast EP 35 Barbarian Banter 007

by Jan 20, 2021

Listen to EP 35 Barbarian Banter 006

Podcast Highlights

CJ, JimeeGee, and Nathan

Add a bit of tired into the mix, and let the good times roll.
Once the laughter started it was game on.
Come have a laugh with us.

Triumph and Blunders

Come along for the wild ride of conversation.

Questions we answer this week.

1. Alexander vs Caesar 

2. Is suffering a necessary part of the human condition? What would people who never suffered be like? 

3. Best type of cheese? 

4. What mythical creature would improve the world most if it existed? 

5. Is intelligence or wisdom more useful? 

6. Lose 2 inches off your junk or 12 off your height? 

7. What is the biggest waste of human potential?

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