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Christian Heathenry

I had not planned on writing about Christian Heathenry two weeks in a row, but here we are. I want to take this week and address some of the questions I received and the tremendous number of people my article resonated with.

Firstly, I am aware of the definition of a heathen. In case you are not, here it is, according to Merriam-Webster: an uncivilized or irreligious person. To address this, I will start out with the fact that I do consider myself uncivilized. I want no part of the civilization that we have created.

If you read Barbarian Rhetoric, you probably consider yourself a Barbarian as well. As barbarians, we have rejected the culture of today’s society and, by effect, become uncivilized.

Irreligious. I think it is no secret by now that I have rejected the religious in favor of the spiritual. Life consists of many practices from many different denominations of Christianity. I firmly believe that not any one church is 100% correct, and the truth lies somewhere in a mixture.

Everything I personally practice can be found and justified through the Bible.

I have even begun rejecting the term Christian in favor of the term, The Way. Which is what the first believers identified themselves by. But that is a whole other article. It is the article I abandoned to write this one; it will be completed for you readers, though. So, do not judge me too quickly.

To recap, I am uncivilized; I do not fit into society. I am indifferent to religion because religion gets in the way of our walk with God.

With that said, I could personally care less if you call me a heretic or tell me I have turned my back on my faith. That is your opinion. You are entitled to your opinion, and I am entitled to care less about your opinion. I don’t like or love you any more or less. Just know that your opinions of me have no bearing on the course of my life.

To those who have embraced this so quickly, I welcome you, but I also challenge you to think about what Christian Heathenry is and make sure it is something you want to embrace.

I have one fear in all of this, which is that I may cause you to stumble in your faith. Understand that this is my way of increasing my own faith. This mentality is more than cool Viking symbols and drinking from horns. It is a rejection of man-made traditions and man-made worship. Talking to you, Hillsong.

This is a rejection of the evils that society has made normal. This is a rejection of all you have been taught and all that you have thought. It is a path to seek the truth that is God. That is God’s word; that is God’s deity. It is a belief that the modern church and its customs have failed. It is a return to the ancient ways.

So many people today crave the morals of our forefathers. Honor, loyalty, bravery, masculinity, femininity, and integrity, we expect it from ourselves and demand it from those of our clans, our tribes. This is what sets the heathen apart from the world. The worship and desire for these things in a biblically lead life is what sets apart the Christian Heathen.

We have a guidebook – The Bible.

I do not need to write one. This isn’t a movement I’m trying to create; this gives a name to something that many of us feel deep within us. This is encouraging you to stand firm and stand proud in your morals and your convictions.

This is an opportunity to join together into one identity in order to fight against what we see as wrong and to instruct, guide, and love those that embrace it. This is something within you that only you can command.

This is a place where Christians of all denominations can find common footing. A place to stand shoulder to shoulder to make the world around us better. Where dogma, doctrine, and tradition are set aside so that the brotherly and sisterly love that we should have for one another can shine brightly unimpeded.

To those of you who have found an identity in my thoughts, I am honored.

I am blown away by the number of people this has resonated with. People have begun sharing this idea with others, spreading this to those who do not read my words.

For those of you that find fault in my thoughts, I do not care. My thoughts have no effect on your life unless you yourself give them the power to.

You are in control of your own lives. Everyone should be in control of their own lives.

To not be in control is a sign of weakness. Do not be weak.


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