Consistency Is Found Behind The Scenes Of Successful Men

by Aug 4, 2020

Consistency and Discipline

Building consistency in your life takes discipline. This line popped into my head, and I had one of those moments that goes, this is a good tweet even if people don’t like it still a good tweet. It is little one liner’s that your subconscious likes to work on then pop into the forefront of your mind. I would say there are some better than others who tap into their subconscious. Comedians come to mind.

When it comes to consistency overall, I believe everyone understands it. Why then is it ignored when we know it works? Pick any activity you want with consistency; you will become better at it. How will you get up to the elite level, I think that is another question for another day.

The other part to look at, what is your end goal. Is it something personal, and the world does not need to know about it or like a business you need everyone to know about it to grow? The first, it is ok if you keep to yourself the second if you don’t market your business, then how will it grow.

Consistency is preached.

I have lost count of how many books I have read that speak on consistency to win the day. Every workout book, there is talks about this in some way to reaching your goals. Nutrition books hammer this ever harder.

You want to achieve great things with your mind, then you need to put into practice the tools to make it happen. Osmosis will not work for the book sitting on your shelf. Mediation every once in a while, you will only be half-ass at doing it. Wish to write or speak better, staying silent will not help you.

When it comes to your faith, if you are not consistent, you will fall over even in a light breeze, not believing in your convictions. Being lukewarm is a turn off to both believers and non-believers alike. You make yourself into an outcast that no one wants.

Those that give talks and lectures all address the consistency of people who have done well. How the discipline to see something through and continue will win the day when it becomes hard and unbearable.

Too many irons in the fire

I am guilty as the next when it comes to consistency. I have faltered, I know my lack of consistency has held me back in certain parts of business and health. I also know that which I am consistent in, I am winning.

Fitness, business, and, most important, raising my son. I have reliable metrics to tell me how I am doing, and if I start to slip up, it shows quickly.

I do not know where I read or heard it first. You can not concentrate on more than 2-3 things at a time, leading to stagnation and failure when you try to pile more on. When you focus on one thing, then it truly shines.

Do you want to get into the elite of something, then you need to concentrate on it and be consistent, never faltering. Take your list of things that need or you want done and prioritize them then slowly work your way through the list.

An excellent example of this is nutrition, work to the point when it is automated, and you can put less thought into this. Through discipline and consistency, it becomes a routine of life; this frees up bandwidth to take on the next thing like fitness. Again work on it till it becomes a routine habit.

As you work on this physical side, do the same with business, think which will do better in the long run, one business you put all your effort into. Or five businesses that get your attention maybe one day week.

What can you do between physical fitness and work to blend either of them into your relationship with family? Can you include them in aspects of it, or do you need to make sure there is a break from those activities? Either way, you need time with your family and to build relationships.

How fast you can come up with three things to concentrate on, and if you are not careful, you keep adding more items to your life without having some of this on autopilot. It will start to erode from your overall mission and weaken you. Till the point, you look at your life and go with some like “my life sucks” “ nothing is being accomplished.”


You can argue and debate this point. You can use any excuse you want. I am high-speed person; you don’t know what you’re talking about. I am a multitasker. My personality allows me to work on many things. Let me show you my accomplishments. And you may have some achievements in all of this.

When you dig deeper, often you will see for every one accomplishment, it could have been better because your full concentration was not on it. What about the other ten things you started, and they either failed or stagnated while your attention was elsewhere?

Men who are conquering what they want are consistent in their discipline to see it through. They may have a thousand ideas that could be good, and then they shelve them. Working on one or two and making them great.

Beware of making excuses for your failures even when they could be good outcomes. I have the body of Greek god – I don’t understand why my kids won’t talk to me. I have nine business going at once – I don’t know why non have taken off. Look at all the things I am doing – I feel worn out and tired. When is the last time you checked something of your todo list and listed it as done?

Beware busywork

Be intentional in all you do. Do not let busy work account for accomplishments. Busy work is a waste of your time. When we are honest with ourselves, we waste a lot of hours every day to busy work.

Watchdog yourself, find friends that will hold you accountable and call you out when you are slacking on goals that you have stated to them you wish to accomplish.

Pick no more than three things to concentrate on. One or two, to put full effort into until it can be on autopilot. A third you work on when there is some time, and you start setting up to move into a one or two spot when it goes on autopilot.

Be consistent in these three areas, and it will give you more free time to play with your family. Give you time to read a book, go on an adventure. These extra activities become fun and relaxing from the standard, and guilt does not enter the equation. In your key goals, you are consistent and have the discipline to see them through.

Learn to say no

I have learned this the hard way. For one reason or another, I kept saying yes to things I know I don’t have time for in my schedule. I often now leave things opened ended, a good possibly maybe. It frustrates those who what a decisive answer. However, when you agree to something you don’t have time for, it cuts into something else.

Family, fitness, work, learning, before you say yes, think to yourself, do you have the time. If not, then say no and feel good about it, for you have set yourself up to be consistent with what you need to get done.

Saying yes to everything and then failing to follow through becomes a negative consistency. It will work against you in the long term. People will realize that you may have a big heart and good intentions, but you are not one to count on.

Find what works for you.

No one thing works for everyone. There have been studies on if you write something down, it will help solidify the action. Notebook, todo app, whiteboard, post-it notes, find the system that works for you. Set up your routines, turns actions into habits to help put things on autopilot.
Once a habit is formed, or action accomplished, move on to the next thing. Keep it simple, conquer with consistency.

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