Consistency Will Win The Day For You

by Jun 4, 2020

Creating consistency in your day, in every activity you do, will win it for you. It really is that simple. You can call it a routine, discipline, grind, even trudging along. We humans make it a lot more difficult on ourselves even when we know the truth. The tale of The Hare & the Tortoise is a very good example of what I am talking about. It is ok for life to be like a roller coaster at times, with wonderful high and deep lows. Still the roller coaster is consistently moving forward.


The other day I talked about this some in my blogging article. When it comes to blogging it is huge, six article and then nothing for weeks, people will forget who you are. Many of us don’t write on a regular basis, we need to work up to a point that we can continue write more. It becomes muscle memory, the more you write the better you will get at it, the faster you become, the more ideas come about to write more.

Short form, long form, poems, words on a page, it will all add up over time into something greater as you continue to do it. You will end up amazing yourself with what comes from it all, you many never publish one word; however, I will tell you, you will be better for doing it.


I would guess billions if not more word have been writing on how to improve your body with all kinds of different techniques and opinions on how to get the body you want. One of the things that every program, plan, trainer, person that has done it before you have in common. Consistency ruled their plan, now consistency can not win by itself, it is one of the major building blocks to use.

If you are one of those changing programs every week, changing to the newest fad diet, or change your whole routine because of some article that was written. You have not given yourself enough time and been consistent to see what even works, you have to trust the process.


You want to become stronger in your faith. When is the last time you prayed? What is the last time you read your bible? When is the last time you fellowshipped with other that believe as you do? Many of you reading these questions cannot answer them quickly. I have several friends, a couple that read this blog, that could spout off answers before I even finished the questions.  I know they are working to become stronger in their faith daily.

Christian, Muslim, Pagan, and smattering of other religious groups. Those that are all strong in their faith and consistent in their prayers and devotions. They are leaders of not only themselves, they are leaders of the family, friends, men. They are powerful men. For a man without faith I believe is missing part of himself and he wastes time searching.


If you want to have any sort of relationship with another human or animal.  You need to be consistent in spending time with them. This is especially important with your significant other. Why stay together at all if there is no consistency in the relationship.

Why do friends drift apart, simple they quit talking to each other. Why won’t your kids listen to you? Well do you or did you listen to them when they wanted to talk to you.

You want your dog to obey your commands? Well were you consistent with training, spend time with.

Relationships are two way streets, yes all kinds of road blocks in them, if you want to make it work, you have to be the one to knock those road blocks down and create the opportunity for the relationship to happen.


The best way to start is with one thing, get consistent and make it into a routine. Then build off it with another thing that you are either struggling with or simply want to improve. Continue to build momentum over time to achieve the greatness you seek.

The tortoise kept moving, his eye was on the finish line, he did not allow distractions to deviate him from the path of winning.

Agnitio Veritas Macto

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