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Lack of consistency is something that drives me crazy. In myself as well as in others. I have mentioned and written about this before (here and here). Time is something we can not get back or make more of, we can only use time efficiently. Lately, I have felt in a bit of a burned-out mode. Social media became all politics, even from those I like. I started reducing the time I spent and have not been in a mode to get back into full swing. 

The weather has gotten and continues to get better. This has also pulled me away from the digital world. I enjoy spending time outdoors, even if some of it putting the house back together after a severe windstorm. Building a shelving unit with my son (more to come on that one) playing ball with the dog. 


Along with my inconsistency of posting and writing, other things have become more consistent. I started getting up a tich earlier to get some morning cardio in. At the moment, thirty mins on the treadmill will start jumping rope again here soon for some variation—an excellent way to energize the day. 

Being energized earlier works in my favor to get more done around the house and other outdoor projects. It does hamper me sitting down and writing because I am too antsy to sit and write something out. Even when I have several articles rolling around in my head to be written. 

It becomes a balancing act of time for things I need to get done to things I wish to do in the same amount of time. Discipline plays a role here in keeping you consistent. It does not take much to spiral down when you let your discipline slip. Next thing you know, the time has slipped away, and you will never get it back. Recognizing this is only part of the equation. Getting back going is the other. Having good friends to help you when your down is a superpower. 


I have gone looking for answers to things I already knew. That sounds like a stupid statement; however, how often do you go searching for what you think is a better answer? Take a good sound look at yourself.

Knowing your fat = you know diet and exercise are essential to change. 

Knowing your to skinny = the same as above. 

You keep looking for that new flavor of the month when really what you need to do is eat in moderation and work the body hard. 

Your marriage sucks = fix yourself, then work to fix your marriage and family. (Ok, you can say you don’t know this one, but deep down, you know the truth) take responsibility and ownership to make a better life. 

How to write better = write more

How to speak better = speak more

How to make sales = make sales

How to do etc. = You have the answer

Stop mentality masturbating and start doing. 90% of the time, I would say you already have the answer. You are trying to find an easier way out, not wanting to do the hard work, jumping right to accomplishment. It’s good to talk things over with trusted friends and family to make sure your not entirely off the deep end. Still, you already have the answer.


JimeeGee and I were guests on Rolling Rocks Radio Episode 38, Hosted by Scott and Jerry. Who are great hosts and men to talk with. They have both written for BR. One of the questions discussed got the group into a conversation about consuming vs. creation. As I talked aloud, thoughts that had been bouncing around in my head for a while were solidified.

I reminded myself of my own advice stated above. That I already have the answer to my problems. I know what needs to be done; all I need to do is carry through and get it done. Set that plan up and put it into motion.

Once in motion, it is easier to keep up the momentum. It is that first step, getting up out of your chair, (or in my case, sitting down and getting some writing done). I have several projects going on simultaneously, and they are all intertwined in some way. Often feels like a constant circle of I need to get X done before I can do Y. When one gets in this circle of frustration, one needs to step back and see what things can be done at that time. 


For some reason, humans like to overcomplicate many things in their lives. Relationships, work, collecting stuff are a few things that come to mind quickly. Why do humans do this? Not sure; chalk it up to nature, haha. When you simplify your life, you start to enjoy what you have more. There is meaning to what you keep around you. It is no longer just stuff. 

Manhood Reborn wrote an excellent article on stuffocation (here), an addiction that many people have and don’t even realize. It is a pain in the ass to clean out that closet. When done, though, how do you feel? You start applying this to every part of your life, life starts becoming more focused. There is less noise distracting you from your mission. 

Simple things like making your bed, I like having my bed made, the thing is I overcomplicated it, it was easier to leave it a mess. Recently I simplified the process of getting this done. I am slowly working through each room of the house. Taking it down to the bare necessities, cleaning out the stuff. Selling, giving away, or into the trash, it goes. 


In this article, I wandered back and forth through some thoughts. I feel they are intertwined, and each affects the other. When you are thinking about being consistent in what you need to get done. You need to look for answers that you most likely already have, and if you have so much that needs doing that you can’t stay consistent, you need to simplify life. 

You simplify life, your focus becomes clearer on your mission, next thing you know, your start being more consistent. You are not looking for a thousand answers to problems anymore. You have cleaned up life which has given you more bandwidth to work on other projects. 

Simplifying a room makes it easier to clean, giving you a sense of well-being and more time to do other things. Like spending time with your family or friends, working out, reading, writing, past times that help enrich your life. You have eliminated the worry caused by stuff. 

Biting off too much

When you start to declutter all your life areas and work to be consistent in your actions. Be careful you don’t take too much on at once. Right at first, you are energized and wanting to do it all. Starting everything at once leads to burnout quickly. Start working it in steps. 

With your home, start with a closet or a corner, work to a room, then slowly move throughout the house.

With family: first, get yourself in order, and as you progress, start working with the next person, spouse, children, sibling, parents. It is a process to rebuild relationships. 

Building a better body can start with a simple walk a day and some pushups. Getting your diet in order. Then being consistent in both and building upon them in the weeks and years to come. A lifestyle compared to a yoyo. 

Do you hate your job? or you don’t hate it, but it’s dragging you down? Then it’s time for a change; change is hard, making the change though will long-term benefit you and those around you. 

Push beyond your comfort zones. Do not ignore the mess in the closet (physical or metaphorically). Start cleaning them up one room, one item, one project at a time. At some point, you will amaze yourself. 


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