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There has never been more of a need to become self-sufficient than there is right now. In the past month, we have seen a couple of cyber attacks happen, a bridge shut down, and some scientists’ warnings.

The first cyber attack was against a major fuel pipeline that supplied gasoline from Texas to the southeastern Atlantic coast of the united states. The result was a mass panic and gas stations running out of fuel as people rushed to put gasoline into whatever container; this also brought out the stupidity in people. I have seen images of people putting an inch of gas in the bottom of clothes baskets just to get those few precious drops.

There were images of people putting gas in coffee cans and Walmart shopping bags. Down here on the coast, we ran out of gasoline as well, and people flew into a panic. That pipeline does not even supply us. We have our own refinery that is about an hour’s drive from my house. Still, people panicked. That was a valuable lesson to me.

Let us not forget the pandemic last year when people cleaned out the toilet paper aisles. In my area, not just the toilet paper, store aisle after store aisle was empty. It was a frightening level of mob panic mentality that I hope never to see again, but realistically I now understand that mass mob mentality. It is not that great.

Then we saw an infrastructure failure about a month ago. A major crack was discovered in the I-40 bridge crossing the Mississippi River. The result was redirected traffic which slowed shipments, and they stopped all barges from passing under the bridge, effectively clogging the Mississippi river. They may not have affected many people immediately, but they had ramifications for my area of the country.

Without grain shipments reaching New Orleans, farmers such as myself seen animal feed prices almost double. Other grain products such as bread also increased. I was not affected as I grow my grains and ground cover for my animals. What I saw was another much smaller shelf clearing event of bread products. This one was not caused by panic buying but by supply chain disruptions.

There was an article I read last week about increased solar activity. The sun has shot out several corona mass ejections recently, with a few of them heading for earth. The article interviewed a solar scientist who issued a warning about earth’s satellites and possibly our electrical grid at risk of damage from these flares.

This morning I woke up to a report of another cyber-attack. This time to some of the most extensive meatpacking facilities in the United States, this will inevitably raise the price of meat, sending grocery bills skyward once again.

Put The pIeces Together

This article is not an alarmist article or a fear porn writing. This article is my attempt to make you aware of what is going on. I know many people have tuned out of the news, and while that is probably psychologically healthy, it leaves you in the dark about what is going on. I guess this makes this an information update article.

My point around all of this being another call for you, my reader, to begin working towards becoming more self-reliant; I don’t foresee any of these events easing up, and if anything, getting worse. There are so many options to help you supplement your grocery bill, and learning a new skill will only help you grow yourself.

We, as men, are obligated, biblically and morally, to be providers. We are to ensure our family has what it needs and maintain the survival of our descendants. Suppose you lack the skills; it’s time to learn them. If you know them, pass them on to your children. If you have knowledge and skills, share or sell them to others. I have taught my neighbor how to garden. Community, both immediate tribe and clan, and the family next door to you may become pertinent to your survival.


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