Finding Friends To Fight A Lost Cause

by Apr 21, 2021

Standards For Friends

There is one standard that should be very high amongst friends. That is a standard of confidence. When I think of a friendship, loyalty is one of the top aspects I look for in anyone in my circle. To break that confidence is to go a long way towards ruining any trust I have or will have for you.

I am finding that a few of the few that I call friends have decided to completely abandon the trait for their own gain. People I have been friends with for years suddenly flip. It seems that this environment of selfishness created by our education systems and government truly knows no bounds.

I am very thorough in who it is that I allow into my inner circle. People I consider brothers and sisters. Ties stronger than blood. A complete lack of character has become the norm, and frankly, I’m pretty sick of it. It is embraced by so many of you. I see it in your memes and your comments.


People have become what they hate. Self-absorbed, self-righteous louts that think they are better than the rest. “Look at me in my suit” “Look at my cigar; I’m king” “I deadlifted 500 pounds, and if you’re not on my level, you are a simp.” Shut the hell up! My faith in the originality of people is dwindling.

It’s all a popularity contest and one that I will not take part in, I got caught up in for a while, but I just woke up. You are not a Twitter guru. You are not an influencer. Not the real you. The mere fact that you have to bash on those you find intolerable is a sign of your own weakness.

If I respect you, I expect better of you. If you are king at the gym, anyone invested in you enough will know without you having to flex in every other photo or tweet. Who are you trying to convince? Yourself? Your comments on the state of a person’s politics or their waist size show your true nature. How is it you have made this far in life without all the validation from complete strangers?


The conservatives today have become no better than the progressives. Whatever happened to being the better person? Whatever happened to actions speak louder than words? Now everyone just runs their mouths to each other in an attempt to get some type of verbal flex over the other one.

Proverbs 29:11 says, “A fool uttereth all his mind: but a wise man keepeth it in till afterwards.” There seem to be a lot of fools running around these days. I was one of them.

I see those who cry for help and get ignored. I see those standing up for their own beliefs and then getting bashed by the same people that preach “standing up for your own beliefs.”

Do I agree with progressives and socialists? Absolutely not, but I have come to admire their ability to take a stand for something they believe in. This is why they are winning. They stand up for themselves and each other.

Mob & Isolationist

A friend of mine has recently been a target of the progressive left on all of his tweets. The mob is after him. No one has stood up to them on his behalf. I see comments of support in other people’s posts or in private chat, but none willing to face the mob. People with the same ideological beliefs as him abandoned him.

They will screenshot replies instead of retweeting a reply with a comment. Why? Fear that the mob will find it and come for them as well. That is complete cowardice. That is why we have lost the culture war. Only one side of this is banding together. Only one side not only stands with their comrades but go to war for them. Hint. It’s not our side.

We are isolationists. We believe in every man for themselves. I am an isolationist. But if history has anything to teach us, it is that isolationism never succeeds. Only as a community can anyone win any side of a conflict. If I have a weapon that fires 100 rounds, it only takes 101 to overrun my position. If I care only for myself, it only takes two that don’t care about me to make me the underdog.

But you will keep marching to your own drum. You always do. Loyalty is dead. All that’s left is a few ghosts of what was once a noble trait. The few who remain loyal are too isolationist for us to ever have what once ways.

So as my tribe grows smaller, just know that the few loyalists that remain, you have my sword, I will spill my blood, all for a lost cause; but a cause nonetheless.


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