Finding Your Peace In The World

by Sep 29, 2020


Can you remember a moment that you were at peace? How long did it last? When you were content, knowing that you can handle what comes next. That all the stress of the world is just that “of the world,” we get so worked up over the dumbest things. 

Do you need ninety percent of what you own? No, Does it make your life easier? Yes, most likely it does. You build the gilded cage around yourself. Then have to step out of if to make your life hard again to become bigger, stronger, faster. 

It does seem a bit backward at times; why not just have a hard life, then you would not have to go looking for ways to make it harder. Those with a hard life look at those with what they perceive to be a comfortable life with envy. In contrast, those in gilded cages look upon those who work hard with contempt because they are often at peace.  


Part of working hard is getting things that you want. Physically or financially, you appreciate both because you worked hard to get them. You have to put the time in doing things that are not always the most agreeable. When you combine work with what you like to do, this makes it tolerable, not easier. 

You may like working out regularly; however, if you are not pushing your pain threshold of what you can to do, advancement will be slow. The same with making money; if all you do is the status quo, you’re not going push yourself up the ladder or hustle for more. 

With hard work comes the benefits and rewards. The satisfaction of a job well done, and this leads to peace of mind. Yet we must be careful not to covet what another man has. You must ask yourself – have you done the work?


Often those that have had everything given to them are the most miserable people. Children may grumble about boundaries that they have. These boundaries create a framework for them to thrive. This concept does not change as children become adults. 

There is a difference, to be clear, between boundaries and asinine rules, regs, and laws. In society today, commonsense has been thrown out the window due to people not taking responsibility for themselves, which is why we have so many rules that your more than likely breaking one of them. 

When given everything your entire life and not working for any of it, this takes away the satisfaction of a job well done. A key component for men is the need for this sense of accomplishment. Which then will bring you peace. 


Today’s article is a bit of wandering through ideas in my head on peace and misery. I like to people watch, to observe the actions of others. I see so many that look miserable, and when they talk, the despair spills forth in their words. 

I have caught myself more than once, starting down the path of despair and misery in my conversations. I am working hard to correct as quickly as I can. For the most part, I am at peace with my life. Could life be better? Yes, for me, that would mean debt-free. It is a work in progress with a definite goal in mind. 

I look at what I have, and I am grateful. I have an awesome son—a roof over our heads, food in our bellies. Our health is good, and our basic needs are covered. We require nothing more. 


Now do I want more out of life, well of course I do. The challenge here is not letting those wants become needs in one’s mind. When the desire becomes a need, it is where the trouble begins. 

Society has let all their wants become needs. They don’t need a new car; they want a new car. They don’t need a new pair of shoes; they want a new pair of shoes. The list can go on forever. It would seem of how many pointless wants become needs at some point. 

Striving after objects, you don’t need in this life leads to even more misery because of the work involved in getting those presumed items you have to have. Why do humans add this stress to their life? There are theories to this question, and I do not believe genuinely answered fully yet. 

Finding Peace

I am coming to find out that those most at peace have decluttered their lives. When my life was more straightforward in my early years, I know that I was more at peace, and as I started to add more junk into my life, the more stress I had. 

I have started to declutter my life, I have less to lose, less I care about if I lose it or not. I am slowly figuring out what is important to me. I am watching other men declutter their lives, having conversations with them. Because as you clean things up, it continues to make life better.  

We hold onto so much junk in our lives that we think we need to exist: both physical objects and emotional baggage. We waist so much of our lives holding on, rushing around to keep ahead of the next person. That we forget what life is really about, making our wants into needs. 

Stop for a moment, take stock of your life. I am not saying going full minimalist. Figure out what is important to you. Get rid of the unnecessary. Find your place of peace. 

Written by Nathan
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