For Successful Growth Conquer Yourself

by Aug 12, 2020

What is slowing you down.

Far too often, we get in our own way. I would wager that what is stopping us 90% of the time is ourselves. We have this incredible ability to just second guess and to believe in everything but ourselves. This isn’t only a man problem, this is a human problem. Men and women. And it’s a plague on our lives.

The most successful of us are the ones that can overcome this plague. Obviously, not all of us are going to be like Jeff Bezos; obviously, not all of us are going to be a Bill Gates or a Warren Buffett, but that doesn’t mean. We do not all have the opportunity to succeed in every area of our lives.

Part of this getting in our own way is actually laziness. Far too often, this laziness comes in the form of procrastination. I hope that stings a little because I see so many around me that joke about procrastinating their chores or their workload, and I’m guilty of this. What it boils down to is just being lazy.

Bad habits we need to conquer.

Another issue is our own bad habits. I know I refer to Twitter a lot, but you get an excellent gauge of people over time by watching their content. For example, I have seen this guy complain about not being as successful as he knows he can be, and three days later, he talked about a new achievement in a video game.

Now I used to be quite the gamer, and I’m well aware of how many hours go into getting specific achievements and accomplishing certain tasks. Now just imagine those hours were spent instead on building himself and going towards achieving goals.

Back in my gaming days, it was nothing for me to spend 8 to 10 hours a day on a video game. My Xbox was my life. This was to the detriment of my wife and my sons. My daughter never had to endure this part of me as I had laid down the Xbox around the same time that her mother was pregnant. I laid down the Xbox because I had a dream to fulfill. I wanted to go to college.

Successful change.

I knew that there was no time for me to spend four or five hours in the evening and 10 hours on a Saturday and do school work. And it was incredibly comfortable, in fact, to walk away from it. The same thing with satellite TV, I actually disconnected the TV from the satellite dish three months before I canceled my service. These were distractions for me, and I knew they were distractions, and the best way to handle a distraction is to get rid of it.

I have three kids who have never had the game console in their bedroom, don’t even have a TV in their bedroom, and I don’t have a TV in my bedroom. It is a distraction, and it takes away from enjoying the family. I often get compliments that my children will go outside and play, and the commenter cannot get their child away from the TV. This is purely the fault of the parent—your house, your rules. TVs, game consoles, tablets, and smartphones do nothing but capture their attention, robbing them of experiencing anything in childhood.

My kids do not sit down and play video games, they sit down with the rest of the family and play board games. This is an interaction between the family that strengthens the bonds and creates good habits in the future. I understand that some fathers bond with their sons over video games, and that’s fine, but when your kids are 17, 12, and six, video games are more of a problem than a tool for bonding.

Change the course.

Now I got off on a little tangent there. The rant may not seem to fit in with the article. Still, it’s my belief in the hope that I’m building a solid foundation And good habits for them as they transition into adulthood and start their own families.

I’m making an attempt to stop the problems I mentioned before for them before they even start. I don’t want my sons to become those men that I see that complain about not being successful yet spent all their time in front of a screen. My goal is for all three of my children to be far more successful than I ever have been or could possibly be. I believe this is the goal or should be the goal of any good parent.

So, what it boils down to is this, if there is a distraction in your life, preventing you from becoming all that you can be, you need to conquer it. You need to attack it and overcome it. Without strength, willpower, and the desire to be something more significant, you will never indeed be anything. Without power, resolve, and willingness to overcome your faults, you will never indeed be anything.

Proverbs 11:16 A gracious woman retaineth her honor, and strong men retain riches.


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