Gas Pandemic? Be Fearless Don’t Be A Fool

by May 12, 2021

New Gas Pandemic

I love it when something happens in the real world that completely changes my course of thought and makes it a little easier to write to you all. What am I speaking of today? The new gas shortage. Oh, my, how we have returned to one year ago and the great toilet paper shortage of the mighty pandemic.

Story Time

Sit back and let me tell you a story about the idiocy of the year of our Lord two thousand and twenty. A scientist in China made a video in December of 2019 and sent it out to the world. He was quickly detained and treated with the utmost delicacy by his government and provided a nice cushion room of pampering and royal treatment, and not been heard from since. Retirement must be excellent.

Shortly after, a new and utterly unrelated plague spread across the world, ravaging the planet with low-grade fever and shortness of breath. A few people had some worse reactions, but most people did not even know they were killing others by the thousands, and bodies were piling up in the streets everywhere. Only to be removed so quickly by our caring and understanding government that we never saw the bodies of the new pandemic. This proving how much the government cares about our quality of life.

Then came imaginary diarrhea; this was the worst part of God’s wrath that poured out onto us. The mental pant crapping that was going on. The fear of unclean anus’ that spread amongst the national population. If Americans couldn’t wipe their butts, there was no point to go on living.

In fear of this imaginary anal spraying, Americans everywhere did the only sensible thing they could do. Each household attempted to buy ten years’ worth of toilet paper. That tragedy of that shortage and the malady of panic that followed seeing the bare shelves in the grocery store aisle has left deep psychological wounds in each and every one of us who was fortunate to overcome the invisible and odorless diarrhea that took our nation, and yes, even the world, by our proverbial scrotums and lead us to masked mental slaughtering of our freedoms.

Fear Mongering

Here we are, one year later, battling the demons of mass mind control and rushing out to our local gas stations in hopes of getting the last few precious drops of gasoline before the supplies run out and we have to wait until the truck comes in the morning to refill the tanks.

The stupidity of fear that has gripped our society is self-induced. We have learned nothing. We went from mass hysteria over the absence of an everyday commodity such as toilet paper to confinement within our own houses to raiding gas pumps because of a white house press briefing.

Do you know what this tells me? It tells me that Americans are lazy idiots that learned nothing. I wrote about this last year as the panic was unfurling around us; people complained about not having supplies. I warned people about the need for self-sufficiency and self-reliance.
No one listened as usual.

Supply and Demand

I’m hearing from my own family back in North Carolina about people pulling guns on each other at the gas stations and people fist fighting. Lines that are miles long that you cant see the end of them, people have once again lost their minds.

Heck, it happened last night here on the coast, and we do not even get gas from that pipeline. We have our own refinery that is about an hour from my house. It comes to us by truck and barge. And still, people were panicked. Gas stations ran out of gas. They refilled them overnight, but now the prices are up to .15c more per gallon across the coast because of demand. It’s stupid. People are stupid.

I fear a more significant crisis is coming, that this may only be the beginning. I see economists warning about possible hyperinflation. The federal reserve warned that America would lose its borrowing power this summer. If that happens, the entire bloated economy will pop.

Time To Act

Are you ready for it? How are your gardens? How are you canning and preserving supplies? Can you make clean water? Are you raising chickens or rabbits yet? What have you done in the past year to prepare for a challenging future? One that seems more than inevitable: thanks to our lack of government leadership and out-of-control federal spending.

If nothing, if you are caught with your pants down, I will not feel sorry for you. My priority is the well-being of my family, of my clan, not yours and their well-being. I will protect with my life and at the cost of yours if need be. It is time to wake up and take some responsibility for your well-being.

The time to act and get ready is short. The window to prepare is closing rapidly. How will you and your family do? Mine will be just fine.


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