General Fitness In The World Of Indulgence

by Feb 16, 2021

General Fitness

What does it take to be Generally fit in everyday life? A little bit of effort, discipline, and confidence in yourself. It means getting up off your butt and doing things, taking action with a healthy amount of watching what you are shoveling into your mouth. 

In the simplest of terms, you are physically able to get out do whatever you want. We are not talking about the extremes here. Can you walk for an hour? Can you play with your children without being winded? Can you clean your house without resting every ten minutes? 

Yes, you can be carrying some extra fat and still be fit. Yes, you may not look jacked and still be strong enough. You may never feel the need to climb a mountain; however, you like to go for walks in the park. You may enjoy dancing the night away, and yet, you enjoy food a bit too much. 

Things to consider

Body fat

The bar is set low by lazy humans. Looking at some numbers from the CDC for the USA (yes, their measurement tool sucks, and you can only use them as a bit of guideline.) They claim over forty percent are obese; you can easily double that number for those who are overweight. 

Now, this is where the BMI measuring tool sucks. For it does not take into account body fat percentage. If you don’t know by now, muscle is denser than fat. Some have low body fat and built their musculature. On the flip side, you have those that don’t work out, and though they are skinny, they still have high body fat. 

Everyone should be working on getting their body fat down. Your joints will thank you, and you will feel better overall, less likely to get sick and have other physical problems. It will help keep you out of the doctor’s office. For men, a general guild line of under twenty percent, for women under thirty percent. 


Ask yourself a question, are you strong enough for what you want to do in life? If yes, then you are keeping up with the basics, good job. If no, set yourself some general standards and then find a way to measure those standards. They do not need to be extremes, and it may even take you some time to get to where you want. 

Can you lift your body weight off the ground? Lifting your body weight sounds simple enough, but many can’t, and on average, how often do you lift things more than your body weight? Not often, however, can give you a baseline of what you can do. Help a person who fell down, pick your kids up, and throw them in the air for fun. 

A more muscular body reduces the chances of injury when you are out having fun or getting chores done around the house and yard. We often take for granted how often strength affects our everyday life. 


Can you run a mile without stopping? The time you do it in is irrelevant; it is a test of endurance. How often do we need to run a mile, like are life dependant on it? Seldom if ever, though, if you can run a mile, that means you are more likely able to do a short burst easily. Which can be the difference between life or death for yourself, a loved one, a cherished pet.

In a general sense, we need a decent amount of endurance to be productive in our day. Laziness breeds laziness; remember when you use to play outside for hours at a time as a kid. Yet now, the thought of even going outside makes you tired. 

The fun part of building up your endurance is, it will get you doing more fun stuff. Get to go on vacation, sweet. All those walks in the park you have been doing for the past year. Set you up to explore instead of watching tv in bed. 

General game plan

Set yourself up a general plan of action and carry through with it. You do not need a fancy gym membership. You do not need to join any group. You can go it alone, though finding a friend to do stuff with can be an inspiration to do a bit more. 

Start simple. Start going for a walk each day, extend time or length as your endurance builds up. Do a push-up a day till you can do ten, then a hundred. Same with air squats. See what the body can do and then push it a little more. 

What do you need to work on most? Then pick an activity that challenges your body. Walking and running are boring to you, even with a partner. You always wanted to take dancing lessons, learn to dance instead. You always thought it would be fun to rock climb, find a local place and do it; you will build strength and endurance at the same time. 

In general fitness, you do not need to be bored, that will work against you find things you enjoy doing. Then do them often. I gave a couple of examples in this article. The list is long of what you can do is endless once you set your mind to it. 

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