How Much Time Do You Waste In A Day

by Jul 23, 2020

There are many time wasters. Some so insidious they go unrecognized.


Time wasters are eating away at your productivity, eroding the efficiency, and paralyzing your mission and goals. Do not be fooled, and busy work is a time-waster also. Possibly one of the worse. 

You may have cut the cable on TV, but how much time do you spend on YouTube, Netflix, and Hula? Did you move from one distraction device to another? Can you even set your phone down and ignore the notifications that are working on getting your attention?

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, our social networks that reach out to our audiences can be full-time jobs yet, at the same time, consume large parts of the day, and if not careful, you will have nothing to show in return.

Blogs, websites, news outlets. Is the information you are consuming helping toward achieving your mission or just using up resources in your mind that you should be used to improving your skill sets?

Balance Time

The balancing act between all activates is something Men need to be continually self-analyzing daily. Balance is talked about often for a reason. It is easy to tip in one direction in such minute ways that then next thing you know, you have not realized that you have strayed far from the path that you wish to be going down. 

Balance Is The Key To Your Life

Often when you have strayed far off the path, there is no easy way to get back. You may have to backtrack, giving up precious time that could spend elsewhere, forcing you to extend the goalposts out to give yourself enough time to accomplish goals. Many fall into the trap of extending the goal post to the point it is never achieved. 

Now all work and no play, just grinding yourself into the ground and for what? 

You need to enjoy the life around you, take a moment from looking at your computer screen, and enjoy the scenery. Try looking up from your phone and observe the sights and sounds around you no matter where you are.

Time to Recharge

You may be thinking that during these times that you are connecting with nature that your wasting time. No, these are times you recharge. You destroy muscle in the gym; that way, they grow when you rest. The same is right for your mind and spirit. 

You are getting away from your average day in day out of working, blowing some steam off in the gym, having some fun at the range, hiking in the park, spending time with family. These all recharge you for when you get back to work, you can hit with an intensity getting even more done in a shorter amount of time. 

Why work at all? All play and not working sounds efficient, but with no mission, no goals, or purpose, you will lose yourself in hedonism, which ultimately leads to self-destruction. It’s about balancing skill sets.


Copywriting, Marketing, Advertising, and Sales, are all good skills to have, especially in the digital world, and promote brick and mortar businesses and tradesmen.

Tradesmen have many great skill sets, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, mechanics, HVAC, these men all keep our daily life running smoothly. You don’t have to know everything; knowing the right person to call can make a big difference in your life quality.

Here is a shortlist of work-related skill sets you can leverage in your professional and private life for a well-rounded existence.

  • Playing catch.
  • Learning to fish.
  • Build a fire.
  • Shooting guns, bows, slingshots.
  • Boating & Swimming.
  • Orientation & Navigation
  • Team sports.
  • Learning to cook.

I am sure you can add many more things to this list. These activities are only a start to get you thinking. They are all fun activities that can get you away from the computer screen, take you away from the daily grind, take you away from the stresses that you’re under every day. These skills can be enjoyable at times, but they can also help you in emergencies.

Time Preparedness

Your computer runs off electricity and if you have non-it can’t help you. Your phone has only a certain amount of battery. Then it’s of no use. You may be able to sell someone farmland in Death Valley, which won’t matter when you broke down in the middle of nowhere on vacation.

Balance your skillsets to become a well-rounded man in all areas of your life. You don’t have to become a master at all of them, having a working knowledge will separate you from the herd. Do you want to be a mindless sheep or the barbarian minded man that lets nothing stop him?

One of the best ways to immortalize your skillset is to pass it on, teach other men how to round out their lives, and tackle work and play. It’s time to lead by example, correcting when needed and ultimately working together as brothers.

When the time comes, teach your son how to become a Man to continue your legacy and keep the torch held high!

Written by Nathan
Twitter @steeljanz
IG @barbarianrhetoric

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