I am a Addict, are You?

by Jan 6, 2019


Addictions do we quit, or do we just change what we are addicted to












All common things that come to mind when someone says addiction


Social Media




Physical Fitness






Other addictions we have, if you admit it or not


Any of the above listed are double-edge swords, they can be used to make your life better or they can be used to destroy it quickly.


Those that fight addictions are ones that realize they are addicted in the first place. When you no longer control it and they start controlling you its time change.


One of the easiest ways to fight an addiction is to take that energy and put it into something that is constructive. This will take your mind off what is trying to control you.


Say you addicted to food more for comfort than for fuel. Anice leisurely smoke with a pipe can offer that same comfort and fight off gluttony.


Ambitious men go all in or nothing, this is both a blessing and a curse. We have to temper our resolve, to make what we do work for us.


When Men have a mission and a clear purpose to what path they must follow, addictions are easy to control for they no longer own us.


Agnitio Veritas Macto





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