Important Activity Time With Your Son For Growth

by Jan 14, 2021

Activity Time

As fathers, we are often sitting around thinking of ways to spend time with our sons. A movie now and then is ok; they get enough screen time and not much time to talk. Activities are a much better way to bond and get some conversations going while learning a new skill or having some fun. 

Over the years, especially when the weather is not the best. One inside activity that is a good time is tying knots. The great thing about knots is everything you can do with them, and it’s a skill that your son will use throughout his life, camping, climbing, boating, maybe a simple clothesline. 

All you need is a decent length of rope 3-4 feet long 1/2 diameter works well. The great thing about tying knots is that you are not stuck inside forever doing it. Take this learning anywhere. 


There are plenty of books out that. I like the ones with plenty of illustrations followed up with useful instructions, and this will cover all the ways of learning. The Ultimate Book of Everyday Knots fits the bill nicely if you want something you can take with you on adventures and write notes in for reminders. 

When looking for some camping gear the other day, I came across this kit and thought it a neat idea for a low price to get one started. Knot Tying Kit | Knot Cards, two practice cords, and a carabiner. 

What I got into sailing a couple of years ago, now I need a refresher and learn a couple of knots that I had full-on forgotten. Animated Knots has become my go-to website if I want to learn a new know or need a refresher. It has both help my son and me out in learning some fun new knots. 

Fun & Simple

A few afternoons of knot learning, watch out; you might know when the next snare or trap will be. You might walk into the bedroom with a full camp set up. Yes, all the dining chairs very well could be tied together. When it comes to young minds tieing knots – nothing is sacred – be prepared. 

Your son very well could drive you up the wall. I am here to tell you when you see the look of accomplishment on his face, tell him job well done, correct what may be needed, and be proud of him. In a good nature way, make sure he knows he needs to clean it all up, usually after he camps out a couple of nights in the makeshift tent. 

Setting up a tent is one of the easiest things to do. When it gets nice out, it will be useful to practice outside. 

Another one is to make a boat out of cardboard and ducktape (bonus activity), then learn what knots a boat needs and uses. Practice them and figure out where they are all used. YouTube is full of sailing videos that teach the basics or pick up a simple book like The Arts of the Sailor


The adventure is only beginning. There are plenty of knots to learn. They don’t all need to be learned in one day. Some of them like square & figure eight you will use all the time. While others, you may learn it and then never use it again. 

There is also decorative knotwork that you can do. I have seen some fantastic things over the years. Keep busy hands occupied. Make learning lifelong skills fun, and your son will not even realize it is an education. You will learn some useful skills right along with your son because I guarantee you do not know all the knots. 

Take your time to teach and learn the knots well. 

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