In a Rut? Overcome Being Stuck

by Jan 11, 2021

The Rut

You are speeding along on the highway of life and then all of sudden a bump in the road. This bump jars you into realizing that you are in a rut. With autopilot on, and you’re not living life. Stuck in a rut is easy, comfortable, takes little thought. 

A problem of being in a rut is getting out of it. Deeping how deep the rut goes, it may take drastic measures to get up and out of it. Ofen you will need the help of another and that ok. That is one of the reasons those that care for you are there. 

You may think being in your rut is not a problem. It is the little things in life that start to pile up on you. The weight of these things pushes you further down, and the rut becomes deep that you are stuck in, not allowing you to course-correct quickly. 


A key challenge for any of us is to be self-aware enough to know that we are stuck in a rut in the first place. Bit of a blanket statement; however, we are human; following a path of least resistance is in our nature for some reason. 

If someone tells you they have never been stuck in a rut, I would call them a liar. It is something we always should be vigilant about; on occasion, it may even help us through a bit of a hard time. However, it is not acceptable to stay there. 

Surrounding yourself with good people you can rely on, often with a view from another angle, can help show you if you are in a rut. Listen to them, then take action, don’t nod your head, and keep plodding along. 

Take time out, sit down, and examine your life, take notes. How are your relationships? Are they where you want them to be? Work, is it helping you to accomplish your goals at living, or are you living to work? Look at yourself in the mirror. Are you good with what you see? 

Breaking Free

What does it take to break free of the rut? Much depends on how deep it is. The deeper the rut, the more severe of a cause it will take you to remove yourself from it. 

The little ruts of life that are easy to fall into and are part of life. If you catch yourself early enough, you can drive up and out on your own. Clean things up, and good to go. Maybe a bit of nudge from a friend is needed. 

The deeper you go, the more effort it will take. Again if you can recognize that you are too deep to drive out on your own. You may only need to have a friend throw you a rope, tie off, and pull you up and out. Make a couple of small repairs and some cleaning. 

When deep in a rut, this is where you need to call the tow truck. Often you can not avoid damage. You may try to minimize the damage. Other times the damage will be worth it. The critical point is you need to what is necessary to change direction.

Would the damage be worth it? 

First, it will get you back onto the road of recovery faster; this in itself can be a game-changer. Not being stuck, you will be more welcoming of help, and others will be able to help you.

Second, when you’re down in the ruts of life, it is hard to see all the damage that is done. Others can see you in a rut, but then why is not known. You need up and out to start to see the damage clearly.

Third, once out, you can now repair and rebuild the damaged parts and areas better and stronger than before. Worn parts can be replaced along the way. You create a new you, better than before. To be clear, this is not a time to use cheap parts. When you start to rebuild, do your research, and get the best parts. 

The Why

You may think being stuck in your rut is not a bad thing at all. In fact, it might be so comfortable that you like going along on autopilot. The question then becomes, where is the rut taking you?

Are you driving around in a big circle? Till one day, the rut becomes so deep, it starts causing damage. A feedback loop that allows no growth, you keep going till one day you are stuck looking around asking what happened. 

Are you driving in a straight line thinking you are getting somewhere? The question is, where is this somewhere? Is it going toward a cliff? Headed to a bog? Is this an efficient use of your time? Are you passing by opportunities that could help you accomplish your goals? The IFs are endless.

When on a rut free road, you have opportunities to change direction, you can pull off for a rest, you can see if there are better roads to go down. You may find a shorter route to the goal you have in mind. It allows you to see your surroundings and explore. 

Not an Ending

The roads of life are endless; yes, one day will pass from this mudball we call earth. Till then, you have the choice of which roads you wish to go down. Never forget that you have choices. They are often not easy; most often, the easy ones are not the ones you should choose. 

Life is full of challenges; accept them, for when you beat the challenge, you will a sense of satisfaction with a job well done. 

Work to travel the roads of life in the most efficient ways you can, find roads that will take you to amazing things. Life is about living, and the rest is all extra. Stop and smell the roses, for life is short. We should not waste time being in a rut going nowhere. 

Written by Nathan
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