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by Mar 9, 2021


How many projects do you leave unfinished? With the mindset, I will get to it tomorrow or not care if you ever get to it. I want to center on two thoughts of big-ticket items many have in their life. The first is your home, especially if you are buying it. The second is your car.  Learning to enjoy them why you have them.

People are continually moving; now, if you are renting, this is not that much of a big deal—more for home buyers. I could say owners, tho for the majority of people; someone else holds your deed. When you get ready to move and sell your house, you start fixing all the problems. 

You have known for years that the house had these problems. From a simple o-ring needing changed on the faucet to needing a new septic tank put in, from a bit of paint to needing to put a new roof on. The list is often long. Yet, it gets ignored till it is time to move. 


I am thinking of this phenomenon a lot as of late as I contemplate selling my house. Now I could wait to the last minute like most and fix the bare minimum at the time. I do not know about you, but I only see that as added stress to life that you could have avoided altogether.  Why not enjoy your house why you live there?

Why do so many wait till this last moment? Laziness, just don’t care, too busy, a bit of all three? How many times have you grumbled about a loose door nob, which would take a minute to fix? Why do you put off cleaning that slow drain till it becomes a bigger problem? Why do you borrow a chunk of change to fix stuff up all at once that you may not get back when you sell? Making the house enjoyable for the next person.

Why do so many not fix up their houses so they can enjoy them while they live there? I have a nomadic mindset, and I think part of that carries over to the fact I know I will not live in my current house till old age. At one time, I had the mindset that it would be my retirement home and when in this mindset, I put a bunch of work into it. 

The Key

Knowing that it may very well be the last house you live in might be the key to keeping up on it. I see those in the older generations often keep up better with their homes, with no plans to move they wish to enjoy their home. 

For those of us with plans to move or a good chance, we could move for work. Wishing to escape a state or area that is going downhill quickly. You put off the little things. Whereas if we fixed them up along the way, it would take a bit of stress and frustration out of your life and not be so costly in the end when rushed.

When my mindset changed from keeping up with the house to no longer caring and now with thoughts of moving, the mindset is going back to I need to fix things up. Now I may move in the next six months, or it could be in four years. With these mindset changes, it got me thinking about why should I not enjoy the improvements while I still live here. 


The other day I finished a project that I started four years ago. Yep, the parts and what I needed sat in the corner collecting dust and in my way for four years. It took me thirty minutes to get it done. I have been in my current house for just over seven years, and I had planned to paint all the rooms when I moved in, so for seven years, I have looked at the walls in disgust. 

My loose doorknob analogy, yep, that is also me, several in fact. It took me ten minutes to fix them. I have a list of little things that need to be fixed. Working on the list here and there will save me money over time, and I get to enjoy these simple repairs. I do not lack the time to get them done; it is more a matter of doing them. 

Everyone has that one closet, corner, or entire room that needs cleaning out. Out of sight, out of mind. Yet it nags you at the back of your mind. Why do you put it off? Why do you let it nag at you? Is watching a show that more important? 

Switching Gears

Now, what about your vehicles? You could be a person who switches them out every two to three years, and in that case, maybe all they need is an oil change and a car wash. You do not have to worry about maintenance items on them. You keep the inside clean and looking good if this is you, excellent. 

I would debate though this is not for most people, and even then, little things can still happen. You need to keep up with them. It is your mode of transportation for work and play. When you let the little things go on your vehicle, it leads to costly expenses down the road, especially if you drive older vehicles or buy new ones and keep them for a decade or more. 

Keeping up with the minor repairs lets you enjoy it longer, not having to worry about it breaking down. Being a mechanic, I have lost track of how many people do not keep up with their brakes until serious problems arise. Something inexpensive to maintain and keep up with quickly becomes costly in repairs or, worse, puts you in a compromising position that could cause death.

Brutal Honesty

You, I, we all need to start being brutally honest with ourselves and take the time to get the little things done. It will, over time, destress your life, clean up clutter, and make life more enjoyable. 

Working to become a better version of yourself is keeping up with things in your life that will slowly deteriorate over time if not looked after. It is a mindset change for many. 

Going from fat to fit is a challenge many take on and conquer. Taking that same attitude and applying it to the physical world around you. It will have cascade effects on your life personally and those around you. Men, you are the leader of your home; actions speak volumes more than words you use. 

Men with families, if you want your family to step up and improve, what are you doing to blaze the path to make that happen? The first step could be fixing that loose doorknob. 

Written by Nathan
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