Instead Of Crying Do Something About It

by Sep 5, 2019

(this is a bit of an excerpt, in response to some conversations)

This morning started at 2 am waking up to the smell of dog poo because my dog is getting old and can’t hold her poo anymore.

I tried hard to go back to sleep but my brain kicked in, I type this out in the hopes that I can get it out of my head, then some more rest before the day really kicks off.

There has been a lot of conversation lately, In several of my circles, especially my Fraternity. Of how to make things better, what can be done to improve, how can you utilize the resources that are here, what other resources are available? This also applies outside our walls, how do you use twitter, FB, email & contact lists.

I have shared some of the things I am current doing with some men here and there. Inside the Fraternity we have video calls, I have shared much of this there. Yet just like I think mechanics is easy and everyone should know this stuff. Not every does know. I going to lay out my plan of action – that I have going on. Hopefully you can learn from it and grow.

Twitter, Slack groups, forums are a great resource. It’s also lots of noise and static, plus a huge time sync. General chat in these mediums I skim over, picking up nuggets as I go. What I truly use these mediums for is the DM feature. Two men Hunter and Craig early on encouraged me to use this inside the Fraternity and I have, I also use it on Twitter.

I have worked hard to create a great circle of men that help me in my day to day. Hold me accountable, brighten my day, help me grow better, pick me up when I am having lowdrum day. Listen to me rant because I am frustrated. One of the men in our Fraternity got me thinking a little on this when he was sharing about how meeting great men has helped him.

I have a pretty long DM list of men I talk to on a regular basis, both in my Group Slacks that I am a part of and Twitter. I gave a listing of many great men that help me out daily, weekly, and sometime out of the blue. That is a personal list, I shall just say when writing out how so many men have helped me, I had to stop because it kept stretching on and on. Have you done this, written about how people that have helped you in your life, who currently help you, how many is on that list?

I have one man that wishes me a Good Morning in a different language almost every day, some days our conversations start from there someday’s it just a quick response back. Think about that, this man takes a moment of his time to wish me a Good Morning and he lives on the other side of the world from me. (as I am finishing this up the notice popped up)

Key thing is and what I want to show you. You need to build relationships, not just hop on twitter or in your slack group and chit chat. The possibilities are endless, the resources of what you have access to is at this time in history are at insane levels of connectivity.

Now as I rewrite part of this I have to chuckle, this sounds like a sales pitch for the Fraternity. It is not, this is more a sales pitch for find your tribe, that you need to be in and if you can’t find one that aligns with you. Create it.

Closes I have ever come to a brotherhood was in the military. For me that did not last once I got out, for many it continues. I, at the time did not make the right choices. At this point, the Fraternity of Excellence, which was started from an idea, supported by strong men, is being built into powerhouse of information, resources, accountability, and MEN with vision that trumps what I had in the military by far.

Once you are in a tribe what you do with it is your choice. But don’t say it doesn’t work, don’t bitch if things are not a certain way, don’t complain.  Think up solutions, solve problems, you have an idea bring it to the leadership. You never know where it may go, you may solve a problem not only for you but many others also.

What have you done today?
Who have you reached out to?

A conversation can start with a simple DM of Hi how are you today?
That simple, 30 sec of your life or less, don’t tell me you don’t have time to reach out to one person.

I ended this bit of a rant with a challenge. Now this challenge goes to anyone that reads this post.

Reach out to someone via DM, reach out to three Men you don’t talk to regularly, make new contacts. I will give a shout out to Shadeed. It just clicked he planted this idea in my head.

Then go create something, doesn’t matter what, a writing, muscles, sidewalk, whittle, website etc etc and share what you have created with the world. Don’t just be a consumer.

Agnitio Veritas Macto

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