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by Jul 1, 2020

There is a saying that I have tried to live by for a very long time. “It is hard to walk forward when you are always looking backward.” 

A problem that I see a lot today is that the world is looking backward. Everyone is living in the past, and no one sees the present. Now there is a danger to looking to the future as well. Today they are ripping down statues and trying to erase our past. Everywhere you look, there are protests, boycotts, and riots going on. I do not see how this is a sustainable path for our society, and I dare you to convince me that it is.

What we are seeing is the destruction of history.

Now I am by no means saying we should forget the past. The past is what gives us the wisdom to move forward into the future. As we get older, we become wiser, which is partly because of the lessons we learned in our past. Societies and civilizations as they age tend to lose their wisdom as is so often seen throughout history. 

It baffles my mind that we, as a group of people, act the exact opposite of how we act as the individual person. Nonetheless, this is exactly what we see going on today. Western society has forgotten its past. We have forgotten the tyranny that we came out from under. And I am not just talking about the United States of America.

I am talking about all with the western world that has come out of monarchs and dictatorships to embrace republics and democracies. 

These have forgotten their past and are heading back to tyranny. I do not share the optimistic opinion and view of many of my friends, that we somehow will fix this, and that we will come out stronger on the other side. Why? Because the past shows me differently.

You see, the monuments they are tearing down, are of our forefathers. 

People who lived and fought against the tyrannical rule that was over them. The people are tearing down the memory of those who sacrificed to give us what we have today. People have lost the ability to reason and to realize that society was different back then. 

They have chosen to judge the past in today’s standards, which is ludicrous. And what it all boils down to is this society that is living and dwelling in the past. A society that has let the past consume them; they are their thoughts and their lives. The result of this is the destruction of today and an apocalypse for tomorrow.


To live in the present

This society is a collection of individuals who refuse to live in the present. A group madness brought upon them by the demons of the past. 

I am not saying that America is perfect, and I am not saying that western society is perfect, but I am saying that we’ve come a long way from where we were even 100 years ago. We are growing as a society should, but we are also losing our wisdom as every society does.

This lesson applies on an individual basis and in our individual lives. Allowing the past to consume you leads to misery, depression, and oftentimes suicide. You see, we are not meant to consume the past constantly. We are meant to learn from our past and to apply that wisdom into the present. All we have is the present. Tomorrow never comes because it will always be today, and yesterday is gone forever. You cannot physically send your body back to yesterday, and only your mind can occupy tomorrow.

So many people dwell on yesterday, but just as many people dwell on tomorrow. And tomorrow is an issue all to itself separate. We usually refer to these people as worriers and stressors. Science and medicine have long since proven that stress is one of the worst things that we can do to ourselves. 

Stress can create high blood pressure, heart problems, kidney problems, mental problems, circulation problems, and many other negative health effects. And what is the key factor of stress for most people? It is worrying about tomorrow.


Prepare, do not live in tomorrow

Tomorrow is just as destructive to our lives as yesterday. It consumes your mind and alters your judgment. It robs you of joy, and a robs you of peace. And I feel like it is almost encouraged in today’s world, this fast pace, multitasking, always on the go society. 

Even a lot of my friends that I associate with on Twitter and elsewhere are always urging you to go go go. What are you doing today to make money? What are you doing today to improve your physique? What are you doing today to increase your knowledge? What are you doing today to conquer your empire? 

It is a constant barrage of doing something or fail.

And once again, I am not saying that looking forward into the future is terrible. What I am saying is to live mentally always in tomorrow, is no better than mentally always living in yesterday. When your focus is always on tomorrow, you will always fail to see the life that is going on around you today. And before you know it today becomes yesterday and you completely missed it. Today will become a regret, and one day your obsession with tomorrow will become an obsession with yesterday.

What is the answer? The answer is the present. The answer is today. Life happens now not one second ago, and not one second in the future it is right now. While you are reading these words, life is happening right now and all around you. While you are sitting in your home office worried about that bill due in two weeks, your child just took its first steps, and you missed it. That just became a regret, and it is a moment you will never get back.

Where Is The Spiritual Leader Of The Home

While you are working to build your empire, always focusing on tomorrow’s sales, you did not hear your wife tell you that she loves you. That may be the last time she gets to speak those words to you, and you missed it. While you are focusing on why your dad left when you were 10 years old, your own 10-year-old child is wondering why their father will not spend time with them. It is dangerous to exist anywhere but in the present. It is dangerous to allow anything, but today, be your focus and this is a trap that so many individuals have fallen into. And it is one that our civilization has fallen into.

All we can do is live in the present wisdom from our past with the goal of changing the future. Yesterday’s wisdom gives a chance to make tomorrow better, today. I do not believe in destiny, And I do not believe in fate. I believe we are rulers over ourselves and our actions. I believe the choices we make today will affect us tomorrow and that today’s results are the consequences of yesterday. And to live with any other mentality, in my opinion, is reckless and hopeless.

Matthew 6:34

Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.


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