Living In A Small Town Is A Unique Experience

by Sep 3, 2019

What are the things that bring people together? Proximity is a huge player in bringing people together. If you live close to someone, you’ll eventually run into them and maybe have a quick chat. This is especially true in small towns. The community doesn’t have too many people, so you all become very close to one another. 

Small town living is very unique in the sense that the people within the community are somewhat cut off from the metropolitan hustle and bustle. There are no large law firms with fancy lawyers. No abundance of grocery stores within five mins drive from your house. The accommodations are slim to none in the more rural areas. 

The town I grew up in had approximately two thousand people living in the community. There was one streetlight in the whole town, one overpriced grocery store and two gas stations. There were also small businesses through the town, but most of them would go under in the first few years because there was not enough business to go around.

I lived right on the main street in town. There was always some traffic that went by our house, but nothing that was very noticeable. After ten o’clock you could literally lay in the middle of the street and not worry about getting hit. At night you could hear the buzz from the streetlights it was so quiet and peaceful. We were lucky enough that even in the middle of town at night you could look up and still see the stars.

Since there’s never anything to do in small towns the people do two things. They love their alcohol and the love of their high school football.

It’s crazy to think that a town with such a small population could keep four bars running. This town did it easily. So easily that there was a fifth one that opened shortly after I moved away. The local watering holes were always packed Thursday through Sunday. These people didn’t care if hell was about to freeze over, they were sure as shit going to do it with an ice-cold Busch light in their hands while talking to the same people, they had talked to for the last ten years of their lives. For three years I worked at one of these bars and I can honestly say that just about every single person that walked through the doors worked like clockwork. They would show up at the same time everyday order the same thing and leave at the same time. Funny how drunks are so prompt when it comes to their drinking.

Then there were their hometown heroes, the football team. There was a rich tradition there that had started when my coach started back around 1986. He brought our team to the playoffs a ton of times. Even went sixteen years in a row without missing the playoffs. He only ever won one state championship though. We always had the best teams in our division, but when it can to actually winning the championship, we were not the better team that day.

To be continued…………………..

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