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Life is funny, isn’t it? We continually forget we can not get time back. We never get what we plan for, and we never know what we will get. I have been doing a lot of thinking here lately, and I have concluded that I need to change my pace.

I need to pull back from social media, and I need to pull back from real-world obligations that were not exactly made voluntarily. I am not writing an article about taking a break, or I have too much on my plate articles. It is a realization that I have failed to properly schedule the importance of my tasks and commitments in my life.

I have also learned my importance and how small that is. I think this reality check is needed for everyone as we, as a society, have a tendency to believe ourselves more important than we actually are.


Both of these realizations came with a game plan. Once I correctly assessed myself in my circles and my niche, I was able to determine a proper strategy to increase my importance. Stop. If you think this is about my self-esteem or some crap, you need to read that all again.

Once you have reached this enlightenment level, the next phase is doing a list of chores and duties, commitments, and projects you are currently juggling.

Which ball is the heaviest? Which one is the biggest? Which one can you drop the ball on and pick back up later?

The heavy ball is that one that throws you off balance. When the weight hit’s your hand, your hands drop a little lower, completely messing up the juggle. That is your most pressing issue. You need to get that ball out of the act.


It is so very easy to let yourself get distracted and pulled off course. How many of your dreams were not accomplished due to a distraction? A woman? Another project? How many of you are juggling multiple women and or multiple projects?

There is a time to let go of the other balls and take care of this issue. Obviously, you cannot drop responsibilities to your wife and kids, but maybe you should not head out to the bar with the guys.

Put down that Xbox controller, and PlayStation is not real gaming, so y’all are good. The reality is PlayStation sucks. Hate to tell you.


You need to get it through your head that there is not enough time in the day or days in the week to pursue your desires when you still have needs unmet. Yes, your dream is a need. It accomplishes you.

There is no excuse for you not to focus on the main task in front of you. Got A.D.D.? They make meds for that. You should be busting your tail to accomplish what it is that is set before you.

For me, it is taking my candle store to the next level and opening a brick-and-mortar location, and this is my primary focus moving forward. Not Twitter engagement, not Civ6, and not playing with lambs in the pasture.

I have a building to secure and decorate. I have inventory to create. I have paperwork to fill out and permits to obtain. There are so many things that need to happen to become legitimately what my family needs me to be. Trust me; it takes a lot of candles to feed two teenagers.

Your Circle

The next big thing to consider is, who are you affecting around you? How are your choices and your lack of effort going over with the people around you? At best, you are inconveniencing them; at worse, you are encroaching on them. Sometimes your lack of effort can even burn bridges and ruin friendships.

Remember, people are watching you. Your actions. Your inactions. Your wife, your kids, your friends, they all watch each and every one of us. My behavior directly affects my wife and children. I have learned that whatever mood I am in, they feed off of also.

If I am ill, so are they; if I am short-tempered, so are they. If I’m lazy, so are they, and when I am busting my tail out in the yard, they better be, or they won’t be happy.

In recap, plan, prioritize, and execute; this is how you accomplish and move forward. Sometimes you need to reset yourself. We all get a little out of order and distracted from time to time. Nothing wrong with that, but we have to course-correct and keep sailing forward towards our horizon.


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