Lunting A Time To Relax The Mind And Think-04

by Apr 8, 2020

John Aylesbury Dragon Blend in a Missouri Meerschaum Country Gentleman. If you haven’t noticed from past lunting, it is generally my go to. It’s a 9.00 pipe and if it get’s ruined I’m not out much; and how much is that true in today’s society?

Lighting my pipe and taking the first draw, I feel the smoke tickle my throat and the flavors of gin and brandy combine on my palette to tease my taste buds with the hint of melted caramel. Such peace in a good lunting, nature, fresh air, a little exercise, just a man with his thoughts. I’ve often wondered how many mysteries of the universe and issues in everyday life have been solved by a man with a pipe, taking a stroll, down a dirt path, just as I am doing.

Feeling the pipe in my hand I look down and see this smoothed out beige piece of grass. In case anyone didn’t know, corn is a grass, and my country gentleman is a corncob pipe. So, there is this piece of grass in my hand that I am smoking the leaf of the gods out of. It’s cheap, it’s bamboo and it’s my favorite. I bought this pipe because it is cheap and disposable, the mentality we have today is that we can just buy another one. I’ve heard myself say these words, but I submit to you that this is part of the problem we have today, everything is disposable.

The most prevalent example that I can think of would be our families and the failing of the family unit. The beginning of the problem with family now days is how we view our relationships. Relationships today, and marriages, are considered disposable.

As I draw on my pipe I notice how hot it is in my hand, it feels like it’s about to burn through soon, that is when the side wall of your pipe fails and the hot coil burns through it, and this is often what happens in a marriage. Tempers flair and the temperature start rising, if communication is non existent or the willingness to work through your issues isn’t there; it is the same as me continuing to draw air through my pipe, making that coal hotter and hotter. As the source of the heat is fed, and the temperature continues to rise, the wall that is meant to protect my hand and hold the fulfillment of joy of my tobacco will fail. Just as the walls that are meant to hold together and protect the family fails.      

The word of God has the solution to this. Ephesians 4:26 “Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down on your anger.” You have the right to be angry, you’re human, but sin not. Don’t think on the negatives, don’t start hating or detesting the person you’re angry with. Anger will pass. And finally, communication, communicate with the person you are angry with, resolve it the same day, do not let it fester.

The problem is, this all requires work. And in a society of lazy, self-absorbed, instant gratification, and false self-importance; there is no longer the desire to work hard on anything. Rather it’s career, family, or just yourself, everything requires work and effort. This 9 dollar pipe has lasted me 3 years. That’s incredible for a corncob pipe. Why? Because I clean it, I crape the cake off, I run cleaner rods and everclear through the stem. I care for it, and caring for a pipe, is not fast and instantly gratifying. Like a good woman, a good pipe requires, maintenance, love, care, and handled with a gentle touch. So do our families.

I’m home now, the sun is getting higher in the sky and temperatures are soaring into the upper 80’s here today, inside where my family is, the temperature is perfect. Just like the smoke temperature of this tobacco. Perfect. 


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