No One Cares About You

by Mar 19, 2020

No one gives a fuck about you.

I was going to preface that with something, but since it needed so desperately to be said, I just led with it.

Here’s the deal, you spend your life, your irreplaceable time, trying to get other people to give a fuck about:
1. Who you are
2. What you’re doing
3. What you’re posting on social media
4. The products you’re selling

Let me tell you what people give a fuck about:

Seeking their own validation.

That’s right. People are too busy, despite everything going on in the world, trying to get likes on their selfies on 74 different social media platforms to give a fuck about the fact that you created a cool thing and now you’re trying to get people with struggling brain cells to notice it. Now, I am not bashing social media, which I could, because it’s a rabbit hole of go-nowhere-ness, but it is a necessary evil, especially for content creators and entrepreneurs.

“But Jayson, there’s GOT to be a way to get others to notice me and care!”

You’re right, you’re right. Maybe I went too far in expressing that no one gives a fuck about you, because there are ways to get them to. I will use social media as the reference point because if you have any chance to get noticed, it’s through social media. Behold the secrets.

How to get people to care about you:
1. Be female
2. Be pretty
3. Have tits
4. Talk about how blessed you are

One or a combination of these will get you noticed and skyrocket you to fame, on social media and in life.

“But Jayson, I’m a dude. How can I get people to care?”

You can’t, you’re fucked, move on. Focus on becoming a high value male in the real world.

Brian: “Good morning! I hope you all have a great day!” 2 likes, 1 of them from his gay male stalker who likes every single thing he posts without even reading it first.

Pretty girl with tits: “Good morning! I hope you all have a great day!” 674 likes and a “how much for one sex?”

See how this works? See how you’re wasting your time?

Beat cancer? Nobody gives a fuck. Wrote an e-book that will revolutionize exercise and you’re only selling it for $3? Nobody gives a fuck. Rescued 16 children from a burning building during a human trafficking indecent gone awry? Nobody. Gives. A. Fuck.

Selfie in a filthy public bathroom announcing, “Jessica did such an AMAZING job on my hair!” with 90% of the photo taken up by cleavage?” INSTA. FUCKING. FAME.

It’s actually become worse due to all the shit going on in the world. You rescued a kitten? That’s cute and all, but let’s get back to this AR-15 thing. Your mom’s in the hospital and she may not make it? Yeah, real cool, but let’s get back to that thing Trump said even though someone else said it first and said it with far more vitriol than he did. You opened your own business? That’s great Brian, but let’s get back to this coronavirus and how I can get likes from it by recycling motivational bullshit that 724 other people already tweeted.

Video of girl crying because “life is hard… life is SO. HARD.” (Kim Kardashian voice) 817 likes and a DM full of dick pics.

What was she crying about? We have no idea, but it probably had something to do with not enough people liking her previous selfie from 15 minutes ago, or it could have been Starbucks related. Either way don’t worry, in exactly 37 minutes, she’ll be “so blessed” and best believe it’ll get ‘grammed and tweeted complete with broke-neck-horse-leg selfie. You know the one.

Here is what you need to focus on:


That’s it. That’s the secret to success, because true success is being happy with where you are in life and how YOU feel about YOU. It’s not about getting likes, it’s not about other people supporting your endeavors, because let me tell you something else, your friends and family don’t even give a fuck about what you’re doing, and you really think you’re going to convince complete strangers to?

-Jayson the Argonaut

Twitter @the_primal_fire
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