One Thing About This Glorious Life

by Jan 20, 2021


One thing about life, no matter what, nothing is consistent. For some people, this is a beautiful thing, and it is a thing of terror for others. I think I fall somewhere in the middle of those two. I have an expectation of consistency with a better realization of change.

That is what we’re seeing going on in the world and the nation around us. Now I am by no means here to spout my support for any political party, as I am unaffiliated with any, but one cannot help but notice the drastic changes they have begun to take place in the nation around us.

By now, none of us are strangers to the coronavirus pandemic. We are strangers to the thought that this could be a permanent way of life for all of us. We have people upset at wearing masks, and people upset the people who do not. We have pro-vaccine people, and we have anti-vaccine. We have terrified people of the virus, and then we have people who could honestly care less.


My position is not crucial in this article, but I wanted to layout a reminder of the division that we see as if any of us need the reminder. Now when all of this began back in March of last year, we saw a run on the supply chain that we have become accustomed to for our entire lives. You go to a store, and you buy what you need, and if one store was out, you just went across the street to the next one.

I have noticed that there are no runs on supplies anymore, yet many of my local grocers are running out of supplies. I recently posted on Twitter and gab pictures of my local super Walmart. The empty shelves were a little unnerving.

We’re moving into a time of intense globalization, with the World Economic Forum leading the way. We have the great reset incoming that targets resetting the entire world’s economy. We have forced speech filtering, and we have forced vaccines coming.

Large Scale

I have seen discussions on global currencies, global councils, mass migrations of people, food famines, universal income globally, and many more things than not worth discussing in this article. Maybe you feel that some or all of these things are good, maybe you feel that somewhere all these things are bad, but either way, there is a lot of change on a global scale currently discussed.

On the home front, there are rumors of a 30-day Marshall law lock down; there are currently 30,000 troops deployed to Washington DC and another 36,000 troops deployed nationwide leading up to the inauguration of Joe Biden.

These are historic numbers, and the act of fortifying DC is historic in its own right as there has never been an army this large in that city. Now, I have not brought any of this up to scare anyone or anger anyone. I wish to discuss the importance of preparing yourself as a man in today’s society.


If you are like me, you have a family following your lead through the insanity that is going on around this. They are looking to you for wisdom and guidance. They’re looking to you for provision and protection.

We have reached a point where fat and lazy is no longer going to cut it. We are there, a place where families are fleeing first-world countries to maintain some grasp on a free and independent life.

I know many men who are strong and are strong-willed. Men who can protect their family and will to their dying breath, Neil, has everything planned out for whatever is coming. Most men I know are not these men.

A Plan

Do you have a way to protect your family? I do not mean a closet full of guns and boxes of ammunition either. Do you have the fortitude to give up all that you have and the leadership ability to convince your family to give up all they have for their security?

Do you have a plan to feed your family once the World Economic Forum cuts off our food supply and refuses to feed anyone who does not take a vaccine? Do you have a plan to give your family something to drink to maintain sanitation in case the municipalities quit working? If you had to leave in the middle of the night, can you run more than 20 feet without getting winded? While carrying your youngest child?

They’re a lot of men talking a very big game right now. I see it on Twitter until Twitter deletes them, I see it on Parler before Amazon deleted them, and I see it around gab now. But you know I can’t help but wonder; how much is a whole lot of hot air?

That One Thing

So, wow, this may seem like a conspiracy thread or a political thread; I assure you that it is not. If I have stepped on toes and offended you, you are way too sensitive. But if you understand the full meaning of this article, you will understand that this is nothing more than a challenge, an attempt, if you will, to get you to see your own mental and physical self in a way that you have not looked at it before. Our ancestors could survive with the clothes on their back and a Buck knife on their belt, can you?

Do you have the physical endurance to carry on a laborious lifestyle where you have not had one before? And do you have the mentality to survive and push through any hardship that may come down the road?
If your answer is not a resounding yes, then I encourage you to begin fixing yourself.


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