Panic What Side Of The Coin Are You On

by Mar 11, 2020

            Despite what many want to believe, life just isn’t fare. There are times of abundance but there are times of hardship as well. Your reaction to the hard times defines who you are. Do you fight, or fight harder, do you get depressed or give up? What it is that defines you, your character, your inner barbarian, is how you deal with stress.

            Sometimes things happen that you have no control over but what you can control is your reaction. I’m leading into the panic and fanaticism that is currently surrounding covid-19. Yep I’m dragging this up. There seems to be two main camps to this discussion. The panic camp and the “it’s just the flu camp”. Let’s talk about them both, because they both have some serious flaws to them.

            PANIC!!!!! So, these guys. These guys are the reason I can’t find toilet paper at the store, and gloves to wear while scrubbing the toilet. And forget buying a mask to mow the yard because my allergies are out of control. For any of you that don’t know, I live in Southern Mississippi and I should have mowed 2 weeks ago in Mid-Feb. I envy you that still have snow on the ground for only this reason. Back to the panic people. These people are so under prepared for things that at the first sign of possible trouble they clear off the shelves, making life for the more sensible of us irritated over basic things. These people are so utterly unprepared for something bad to happen that it’s irresponsible and foolish. I’m not saying that we should all be preppers, but we should all at least have 72 hours of back up supplies on hand at any given moment according to the F.E.M.A.

            I live in a tornado and hurricane prone area, my family and I keep more than 72 hours on hand at any given time, for obvious reason, but mostly because the weather wants to kill us down here. So, if you’re a panic buyer, and you’re reading this, I’m calling you out. You’re lazy, foolish, and a burden.

            “It’s just the flu”. SHUT UP! This is more than a mere flu; the flu has a death rate of .095%. Covid-19 has a death rate of near 3.6%. The only reason more people die of the flu is because more people are infected buy it. If this sickness became more contagious and spreads more, it’s going to be bad. If millions become infected with covid-19 and the death rates stays where it’s at, the flu will look like seasonal allergies. Now here’s my beef with this camp. You’re arrogant and dismissive, and that’s not productive or helpful to anyone. You will be a worse problem than the panic buyers IF this thing really does get bad. You will have nothing and will fight over the scraps like stray dogs in the alley.

            What am I suggesting? A more moderate view, as with everything, generally the moderate is the more reasonable and accurate place to be. Listen to both sides, listen to the arguments, and form your own opinions, from your own research. You are responsible for you, and if you are married and have ids, you’re responsible for everyone in your home. 1 Timothy 5:8 But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith and is worse than an infidel.” And y’all thought you were getting away this week without a bible verse.

            I hope this incident, rather it turns nasty or stays not so bad, has taught everyone something. We should all be prepared. Sometimes God provides for us, by giving us abundantly when we are not in need, so that we can be safe when we are in need. Do you have money in savings, or did you go out on the town? Are there bottles of water in a closet somewhere? How about some freeze-dried food and rice? If not, maybe there should be. Take this incident, regardless of what camp you belong to, even the middle camp, and in the future makes sure you and your responsibilities will be cared for in the event that something unforeseen happens.


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