The Barbarian Rhetoric Podcast is live working to bring one a week for your listening pleasure as we dive into topics to get one’s mind thinking.

We here and Barbarian Rhetoric are working on a new endeavor. To bring the words of Barbarian Rhetoric’s writers alive.

Don’t have time to sit and read – download and listen to articles as you travel or having a coffee.

Quick links to favorite listening platforms. 

Enjoy, check back as more will be added regularly.

Ep 39 Barbarian Banter 010

Ep 38 Barbarian Banter 009

Ep 37 The Most interesting Man

Ep 36 Barbarian Banter 008

Ep 35 Barbarian Banter 007

Ep 34 Rolling Rock Brothers 4

Ep 33 Barbarian Banter 006

Ep 32 Barbarian Banter 005

Ep 31 Buying A New Car

Ep 30 Barbarian Banter 004

Ep 29 Time to Prepare

Ep 28 Barbarian Banter 003

EP 27 Powerhouse

Ep 26 Barbarian Banter 002

Working to up date some pages and make thing faster for my readers and listeners.
Will have the earlier up Episode links up soon.
Still can click any of the above and get access to them all.

Be Barbaric Stay Savage

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