Reptiles Are The Greatest Pets You Never Owned

by Aug 27, 2019

Growing up I lived in an apartment that had no yard, so I always played in my room with Legos or whatever action figures I hadn’t broken yet. I would spend hours upon hours in the imaginative world I had created. Then there were times my mom would bring me to my grandmother’s house. Her house was like a whole new adventure waiting for my arrival. There was a decent-sized backyard that was covered with trees and brush. I search high and low for reptiles and amphibians. The yard was loaded with gardener snakes, toads, and snakes. I was fascinated by these scaled creatures. The way they moved, ate, and how they are cold-blooded. This started a fascination in me that soon grew.

Skip forward about thirteen years and I’m living in a rented room in a college town. I hadn’t been making too much money, so my room was bare besides my gaming console, tv, and bed. I couldn’t afford much else. The work just wasn’t coming in, so I spent most of my time wasting away in front of the tv engrossed inside the video game world. Then I caught a break, my job really started to pick up and I had enough money coming in that I went on a little shopping spree. I bought a car and two bearded dragons. 

I needed the car, but the bearded dragons were for me. I had wanted a pet that I could have in any place I lived at. Seeing as there was no yard, I wouldn’t put a puppy in that situation. The bearded dragons only needed a four foot by two-foot tank. It was perfect. The kid that had grew up catching reptiles now finally owned two of them. I spent hours researching how to properly take care of them so they wouldn’t die. I’ve found this is a huge step people miss when buying reptiles. They just see how cheap the animal is and think why not. They miss the fine print on the dietary needs. They end up killing the animal early in its life.

These bearded dragons had tapped into the child inside of me that found had peace in holding these dinosaur looking creatures. I was constantly looking online at reptiles large and small when I stumbled upon the king snake. The king snake is native to many parts of the world so there are many different colors and breeds of them. The one thing that really stuck out to me was a video I found of a king snake catching and eating a live rattlesnake. I was sold. These snakes were not large snakes or venomous just straight up bad asses. Today I have four very different colored king snakes.

Every time someone comes over to my place, they always want to see the reptiles. That has almost brought more joy to me than simply owning them. I get to teach people about the animals and maybe just help a few people get over their fears.

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