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by Jul 5, 2021


Sales, one of the best ways to make money, often with no cap on what you can earn, let’s face it here in the USA, the populace at large has become consumer-based. People are working to keep up with the Joneses and everyone they see online through their social media networks. 

On the one hand, this is good for those that wish to work in sales; there is plenty of people to sell to; the hard part is decerning who the legitimate salesman are vs. the snake oil salesman. With all the branding going on, marketing, and the constant drip to buy X. It is hard not to get caught up in the frenzy of the next best thing. 

Anyone who is even a bit self-aware knows you are being lied to and manipulated somehow. If you don’t believe that give Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator a read to see how far the marketeers will go to influence you. The book confirmed some of my thoughts and opened my eyes to manipulations that I thought were more conspiracy.

Cutting Back

It takes discipline and honesty with oneself as to why you are purchasing something. Do you genuinely need ten self-help books to fix yourself? Possibly you do because you need to find that one that truly speaks to you. How much money have you wasted on programs to get fit or eat better? or bought those magic pills hoping that they would work?

Do you need to have that big house? Do you need to go into debt over and over again for your next vehicle? People have become debt managers; that is what the consumer credit system is all about. The more consumer debt you put on yourself. The more chains you wrap around yourself, making you a slave to another.  

There is good debt, it can be used as leverage, and you can make money hand over fist if done correctly. However, few are taught how to manage leveraged debt correctly and become more of a slave than a free man. 

Take stock of what you spend your money on if you already have ten books to read, ten courses to do, ten fitness and nutrition plans, stop buying more. Instead, read, do, follow what you already have, and see if it will work for you before buying that next shiny. 

Snake Oil

How much of what we buy is only snake oil? I often think of this myself; I admit that I have bought way too much snake oil over the years. Sometimes knowingly, I found some way to justify it, thinking maybe it will work for me. It is a dangerous trap. 

I also can not stand a proven snake oil salesman. They give the honest salesman a bad wrap. In my opinion, they are even worse than scammers, for they portray themselves as honest, for they believe their lies. At least scammers are honest in the fact they set out with the intent of scamming people. So you could say, honest thieves if there is such a thing. 

Now a question I have been asking myself of late if what the snake oil salesman sold you helps you out, even if it’s a placebo effect. Has he caused you harm? If you are better after using said product or course, etc., was it worth it? You need to ponder this for one for yourself. 


I have many challenges for myself when I am working to make sales. Because there is a fine line between being an honest salesman and a snake oil salesman, the perception of this is a very gray area. What is perceived gain is personal to each and every person. 

Another challenge is every time I spend a dollar, am I getting the benefit or pleasure from it. So that it is worth spending the dollar, do I genuinely need X to better my life. That is something each and everyone should be considering when they spend their hard-earned money. You may have plenty of disposable income on hand, and if so, good for you. 

However, I would say that majority of people do not have disposable income like you think you do. Here is a fact if you have consumer credit that is higher than what you are bringing in, you do not have any disposable income. You may set aside some play money, and that is all well and good. Call it that, though. 


True freedom is breaking the chains of consumer debt. To be clear, I am not talking about leverage debt. Yes, you need a place to live; you may need a vehicle to get around; many justify these debts. However, they still make you a slave to someone. 

If you can not pay off each month what you put on a credit card, you are a slave to that credit card. Can they be used to get rewards that benefit you? They sure can, and some use credit cards well, and the ones that use them well pay them off. It is that simple. 

Beware the shiny ball, beware the snake oil salesman, think about your spending. Start working to freedom, educate yourself, start building a foundation that creates freedom for yourself and your family. Then you can indeed be free. 


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