Staying Barbaric

by Jul 16, 2020

One of the biggest issues with Staying Barbaric is that of acceptance. You’ve heard them or even said them…. “man, I can’t believe that/ this just happened to me” “I’m always getting kicked when I’m down, my luck is horrible” There are plenty of other variations currently being muttered around the globe, take your pick.  This, however, it’s not a “poor me” culture.  This is an honest look at whatever situation you’re in staring at it boldly. There is no time for a victim face. It is time for effort for what you are facing & maximizing your capacity in the reality in front of you. 

Now is the time for the checklist for your mental preparation. Now, remember,  within reason. The body will always follow the mind. Your capacity to perform is so much greater when you are mentally sharp & strong. You are stronger than you understand. Now that you have dotted your I’s & crossed your T’s, it is time to have an attack based focus & get to work!

Today is the dawn of a new day. Today is workday. This is not going through the motions. This is being conscious & giving your utmost presence to the moment. No flipping through your phone. This is dialing it in & making the moment your world. This is the work.  This is hardening the body. This is self-transformation. There is no retreat here. This is the proverbial rolling up the sleeves & getting dirty in the trenches.  Next time will be better & that’s all there is to it.  That is perpetual progress. 

You’ve came in on for & it’s beautiful! Now you finish with a blaze.  The end of each session should leave you craving the battle for the next. Now is your time! This is your creation! Why should it not be powerful?!  Why shouldn’t it be amazing?! It’s yours, shape & mold it as you wish.      The truth is it all is that the journey is never over till you quit breathing. Till then you must do all that you can.  Typically, the hardest part is getting started.  Now that you have,  it is of the utmost urgency to capitalize on bring the most powerful you that you can create.  The most Barbaric. Stay the course brothers & sisters. 

Stay Barbaric!

Joel Blanton 
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