Strength Is Situational In Your Everyday Life

by Mar 10, 2020

What do we owe each other?

We hear a lot about billionaires, alpha males, celebrities and strong men. We hear even more from popular media about how we are weak, small, vulnerable, and inadequate. The most important thing for all men to keep in mind is that strength is situational.

One minute, we are masters of the universe, dominating every situation with intellect, physicality and vigor. In the next instant, we are under the wheels of a truck, praying that a 21 year old EMT can free us in time to save our lives, let alone our legs. Strokes render geniuses inert. They paralyze skilled hands.

On the other hand, men who have lost limbs inspire us to take our lives to the next level. People who are being treated for cancer show us ultimate strength, spitting in death’s face. A man who lays down his life for his family, his country, or his beliefs is a vulnerable hero.

These don’t show up in box scores the same way our stocks, bench presses and notch counts might. But we are all in this cycle. We are all winning and losing, living and dying. So we as a society set floors below which no one should fall. We look out for each other. We know that there but for the grace of God go we. Strength? Weakness? These are temporary matters. Togetherness. Brotherhood. Helping the next man level up. Getting ourselves up off the floor. These are the stuff of life.

M. Kane

Thank You to all that support us.


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