The Bards Corner 007

by Dec 13, 2019

What a wonderful week to be alive. I little bit here and there from the different corners of the internet that I wandered into. Couple weeks more left of the year, finish those last min tasks up. Give yourself a clean slate. And if going through a dark time reach out. There are many that are willing to help. You can contact any of the writers here on Barbarian Rhetoric. Have a Barbaric Day.


Tarnsman of Gor by John Norman
Many hear about Gor and the first thing they think of is BDSM, if that is all you get from this book, then you are a shallow man. You need to look at the deeper story. Going into how a man walks through the world with his Honor.


The Chasm can be found on A FATHER’S JOURNEY
Guys, suicide and depression are real problems. I’m not going to pretend they don’t exist. But you have to reach out and get help. You have to accept you have a problem, you have to accept that you need help, and you have to accept the action needed to be taken by you to get past this.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year can be found on Rugged Legacy
You aren’t beholden to the world. The world is beholden to you. You do have the ability to create your own happiness and in doing so, you take control of your state of mind.

Long View can be found on The Mike Kane Cast
Mike is working to close one chapter and open another. Follow along as this man steps outside of the comfort zone. Adventure awaits for those who seek it.


A Conversation with Andrew – Can be found on Trails to the Cross

Homeschooling, History, Genealogy, Racial Issues, current cultural norms and the dangers behind them, as well as the coming cultural civil war.

“Alone Together”: Singlehanded Sailing, LA to Hawaii and Return. – Christian Williams

As winter approaches, I sit and watch some videos now and then about the open seas, we often think about being alone. The question then remains – what would do if you truly were?


Bophades Tasty Nuts Be careful their art of military humor is excellent and will bring a smile to your face. You can head strait there and pick up the best nut sack here


Whether you prefer the splash of sea salt in Hannibal, the earthy forest tones of Olaf, or the royal decadence of Caesar, I’ve got you covered. Head to  and start bathing like a barbarian.”


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