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by Dec 20, 2019

Tomorrow is the shortest day of the year, what does you day compromise of though. Is it defined by the light of the sun? By the alarm clock? By internal fire of passion? What makes you get up to seize the day, compared to slowly rolling out of bed, slogging through life. Yes we have to do thing we don’t care to, however we live in a age where if you want to change your direction in life you can. Possibly today is the day to take a left instead of a right at the crossroads.


Power vs. Force – David R. Hawkings
Ever wonder if there was more out there than just what you see. You sense that something else is moving in and around you. This book delves into the deeps.


Kyle Trouble – Not so much a article. I want to point Kyle because once again he evolving to the times. Not one to sit idle by and watch what he has built go to waste. Here is the jump off point to where he is headed. GO HERE
I personally think his emails are Golden, I have learned a lot of over the years. You want to see how working on the net is done, both good and bad. Kyle shares it all. Get signed up for his email.

Applying Cernunnos to Germanic Spirituality by Sun Archer
When wandering through the information that is at our finger tips, often there is so much noise that it can be difficult to find the gems of information. SunArcher delves into runes in a simple yet informative essays.


Moto Markie has started adventure as he rides his bike around Ireland showing you the site, giving comments, teaching a bit history.
Best of all showing off some gorgeous landscapes.

From around the world a there are similar threads of thought. Yes much of this can be attributed to the internet – I am thinking it goes deeper than that.
Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen – Masculinity, Role Models and Fatherless Homes


The Other 23 Public Charity, Working with Veteran community, Surfing, check them out here

I especially like this post by them – The world is a better place with you in it.


Whether you prefer the splash of sea salt in Hannibal, the earthy forest tones of Olaf, or the royal decadence of Caesar, I’ve got you covered. Head to  and start bathing like a barbarian.”


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