The Bards Corner 011

by Jan 10, 2020

Raining and warm today in the middle of January with no let up in sight, today’s adventure shall be with a cup of Ground Shark Coffee and a good book. I shall let the mind take an adventure and be absorbed into the story. Today I have several things that can help lead and or inspire you to adventure. Enjoy this Savage Day.


The Book of Buckskinning
Published in 1981 I think I got my copy in 1993 as I was getting into reenacting.
Chock full of information, this is the first book in the series of them, well written & illustrated. Take a step back in history plenty to learn.


In 2020, Only Take Business Advice From Railroad Owners by Robert
The article on the first sounds like a bunch of common platitudes, either read slower and think about it or give it a second read and will will see what the author is presenting.

Choose Your Own AdventureJay L on the The Forge of Men
Jay is a Canadian Savage, Husband, Father, Cyclist and Musician, even when he slows down he moving faster than most.


Craig James of Masculine by Design is churning some out some short videos on some awesome topics. I enjoy these quick vids because it gets me thinking yet does not kill a hr of time. The latest two
The Unmatched Power of Self Belief
The Necessity of Psychological Resilience

The Family Alpha Podcast
Are you follower of Hunter Drew Morning Brew well if you have not heard of it or didn’t have time in the morning for live stream. He has moved them all over soundclound, total of 80 podcasts and growing with umpteen hours to listen to.


Need a bit of thought provocation
A quick spark to the synapses
Check out sigur_eda_valhalla


Whether you prefer the splash of sea salt in Hannibal, the earthy forest tones of Olaf, or the royal decadence of Caesar, I’ve got you covered. Head to  and start bathing like a barbarian.”


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