The Bards Corner 18

by Mar 6, 2020

May the strong survive. Once again a virus spreads through the population of the world. What makes this different from any other virus. A name, nothing more. Viruses kill people daily all over the world. Do a little research, there are some really nasty things floating around. What should you change in schedule of what you normally do. Well that depends, are you working to be a better you in all areas of life? Then nothing. That simple. Something will kill it us, this is part of nature, nothing to be feared. Live – Enjoy – Be Barbaric Stay Savages.


Viruses, Plagues, and History: Past, Present and Future by Michael B. Oldstone
No I have not read this one, I did a quick look up of history plague books and this popped up. What caught my eye was this line: Nearly 300 million people were killed by smallpox in this century alone.
History has a habit of evolving – yet only repeating itself. Be prepared yet not fearful.


Pals by Chris D
Chris not only writes for Barbarian Rhetoric he has his own blog also
The Strong Male .com
He is sharing many of his thoughts as a Husband, Father, Friend.


My brother over at Free Matt Podcasts his thoughts on the Coronavirus
FreeMatt’s Look at The Coronavirus
I chuckle because we have not talked about it between ourselves and we have similar thoughts. Why? Be cause the way we think, we look at the world of stupidity and laugh. Lets deal with root problems that truly effect you, then no need to panic.
We talk often about things of this nature in the Fraternity of Excellence


How to Sell Books by Adam Lane Smith
Adam is a man of many talents, one is his desire to help others, specially in the genre of writing books. And once a book is written then you need to get it out there.


Nick’s Strength and Power has been following closely the updates to the cancellation of the Arnold Classic Ohio. This is one video of many. Government has started shutting things down due to a virus. I have no fear of a virus, more the concern of when can I no longer leave my home.


Even better than fear mongering, the 2nd episode of The Primal Fire Podcast is out.
Guest is Joe Shoemaker, a Barbarian of a man that has already beaten death back and is enjoying life.


We need a bit of art in our lives, Carlos shares creations and other beautiful things that capture his eye.


Whether you prefer the splash of sea salt in Hannibal, the earthy forest tones of Olaf, or the royal decadence of Caesar, I’ve got you covered. Head to  and start bathing like a barbarian.”


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