The Biggest Risk Is The One You Are Not Taking

by Dec 17, 2019

We are conditioned to stay inside our comfort zone for the sake of survival. The modern world has afforded us comfort & safety in exchange for growth. 

The battle has turned inward. 

There is no denying that we live better than any other humans would have dreamed. It would be ridiculous for us to pretend that we are ancient warriors prepared to do battle or imagine we were the ones that stormed foreign beaches in service to a greater cause. But the alternative we have been presented is a saccharine comatose decay that leaves people with regret and an inevitable panic via something like a mid life crisis. 

That leave us trying to find the balance between the two extremes in modern times.  But doing nothing will only garner you emptiness. Doing nothing means you risk it all. 

There is no 30 years for a company and a gold watch anymore. Even if you have a job working for someone else you are on your own. You are still expendable. 

So why not take a chance. 

If I could impart 2 pieces of advice. It would be these:

#1: Don’t stop until you find it. 

We were all asked what we wanted to do with our lives. Some of us have known since we were kids. Those were the lucky few. But most of us didn’t know and we gave up along the way.  If you haven’t found it then why did you stop searching. If you went to college maybe you tried out a bunch of majors until you settles on one. Why would you assume life would be any different. Keep searching.

#2: Let the decision play out. 

Too often when we make a decision and in between the time it is made but before we see any fruits of that decision. Its the only way that you be able to over come the fear with taking any kind of leap of faith. You have to give it enough time to see the decision play out. You will likely see what you were afraid of didn’t come to pass and worst case scenario you’ve grown and at least learned something in the process.  

Remember the safe path is not as safe as you think. 

And just like the quote by George Addair says, “Everything you’ve ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear.”

Now get to it. 

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